THE CURE Behind the Scenes: ADIRA VS VALDA

in dlive •  last year  (edited)


I am currently portraying the role "Valda" for the Philippine primetime television series on GMA Network entitled “The Cure.”
The Cure is a drama thriller series revolving around the premise of a zombie apocalypse.

I am happy to work with this production team because it is the same team who brought back “Encantadia” in 2016 when I portrayed the role as "Bathaluman Ether."
I get to work with the same director, whom I highly respect, as well as some of my co-actors in Encantadia.


valda 4.jpg

Being an actress is hard work, especially in my case where I don’t only act but do fight choreography as well.
But there is a saying, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Fan Made Portrait

valda 3.jpg
The best thing about this series is that I get to do a lot of fight scenes where I do my own fight choreography.

valda 2.jpg

My love for this craft is what keeps me going and I am also grateful for the production team who make me feel like part of one big happy family.

One of the most awaited is my fight scene with Kylie Padilla, who portrayed “Amihan” in Encantadia, one of Ether’s nemesis.


with Kylie Padilla who plays Adira in this tv series.

with the veteran actor Pen Media who plays Rigor as the leader of our gang.
Watch this vlog to see some exclusive behind-the-scene footages.


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That video was amazing!! I love the behind the scenes and all the practicing.
Then to show the finished scene was more than cool!!
More like this would be awesome!! Thank you Janice!!


Both of you have done a great job @janicehung

I really love watching you do fight scenes because you truly elevate the level of fight choreography by incorporating women empowerment. Girl power is awesome! Even if you also got hurt during rehearsal, you still continued to work, not minding the blood and pain, showing how truly passionate and dedicated you are to your craft. You are an amazing woman!

awesome! i really like how you showed to everyone how is it done behind the scenes and the a scene from the outcome!

I am so glad to see you again you are great job.

Awesome!😀 You’re really great in your craft! I love how you portray your role and how you choreograph and execute the fight scenes! You are an asset in the entertainment industry and a pride of the country. 😀

And yes! Look at where those overcoming challenges put you. Primetime on GMA. :)

Looking at the behind the scenes you would really know how smooth the movements on the fight match. Kylie seems to be having a manly or tomboyish movements while on the other hand you still executed those movements in a graceful manner. I was like-HOMAYGAD! seeing blood on your nose! Arrggghhh. Please let me know if you're fine now.

Missing you too on Contessa! More power @janicehung.

Nice video!
Have a nice day :)

Amazing video i really loved it.

You are Sonia -'"Mortal Cobat" Regards!

I want definitely watch this series in my country. The choreography is great. and a talented person. Every role has the skill to come from the top. Congratulations @janicehung

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How great, you see a lot of love that you have to the performance, soon will be more rewarded and you will continue producing this series and other, greetings.