Dlive | ULOG #32: Let's take SBD/PHP & STEEM/PHP to Coins.ph

in #dlive3 years ago


Let's revive this and continue to show our support and help Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle to take the SBD/Steem to coins.ph and cx.coins.asia and gather 200 more videos.

This will be a great help for all the Filipinos who are using coins.ph. It will lower the cost for the transaction fees, more faster and reliable. Filipinos will easily get Steem/SBD and it will be more convenient at all. Will be hassle free. More users and more Filipinos will be encourage to use the app and to join the steemit platform.

Together let's help each other and thank @surpassinggoogle for this great idea. God bless you sir Terry!

My video is at DLive