Xi'an UAVS Performance-西安无人机表演之人山人海

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    Hi Steemians
    It has long been known that Xi'an will perform 1374 UAV shows at 8:30 pm on May 1st. In all expectations, the City Wall International Cultural Festival contains the most simple and good wishes of the workers. The first show is the charm of the Chinese culture and the charm of the ancient capital of Xi'an.

    Let's enjoy the great performance of the UAV in the South Gate of Xi'an.

    Today, no more than 6 p.m., the South Gate of the city wall is already in the sea of people. The whole city of Xi'an has taken armed police and security, in order to maintain the order of the evening and ensure the safety of the tourists. The beginning was a dance performance. The 8:30 UAV performance was expected to be released at 9 minutes and 08 minutes. First 1374 unmanned aerial vehicles will take off from the wall of the south gate and the extension area of the East and West, and gather to the South Gate in formation flying performance. The content will reflect Xi'an's most China, run Xi'an, new era, city tower, big wild goose pagoda, camel, 5. 1, 1374 and so on, each picture is beautiful and lifelike, let the people one Straight screaming, it's an unparalleled show.

    Why is it 1374 UAVS? It is said that the circumference of the Xi'an city wall is 13.74 km. In addition, the large-scale construction of Xi'an Ming wall is between Ming Hong and Wu seven to eleven years (1374-1378). Xi'an is the ancient capital of 13 dynasties, then, of which 74 UAVs will carry the red silk flying in the main hall performances, meaning the 74 signed "The Belt and Road" cooperation documents with China's national and international organizations and the development of prosperity.

    Is it particularly meaningful, especially exciting? This evening's UAV performance is likely to be a Guinness world record. It's a great pleasure and a pleasure to be here to share it with @jaffer to share the beautiful and perfect air performance party.

    Thank you for your reading. Your praise and support are my constant motivation to create.






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