Izlude Plays Minecraft -Mineplex Glitches / Turf Wars

in dlive •  9 months ago


I found a nifty glitch in which you can fly using Santa's Jet Pack (won at the Christmas event). I attempt to fly and tease the players :P of course I'm not being mean, but it's fun to explore areas you can't normally go in these maps.

If you have santa's jetpack, equip it. Enter block hunt and make sure there are less than 15 players in the waiting room. Use the jetpack, fly, let it recharge and use it again while still flying. This activates the cape. If the number of players goes over 15, the jetpack will disappear. So try to enter a room that has like 5 people in it...

Even harder, getting it to work in Turf wars, because it requires less than 6 active people in the room. I entered an empty room by luck, got it to work.

My live stream is at DLive

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sorry bout the quality folks, maybe it's the connection...

sorry, sound's fixed. didn't realize it was so low