Disembodied Specters

in dlive •  5 months ago


Disembodied Specters

This is the result of delirium due to dental work pain, painkillers, lack of sleep, exhaustion, and melting in the sauna that my house has become because the central AC decided that it needed to break during 98-degree weather.

The footage is from the abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Facility in Long Island, NY.
The music was transmitted directly from the Mothership.

My video is at DLive

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Always haunting... I feel the warped pain in those bending strings :) I hope you feel better soon... I've been myself in pretty rough shape. But well feverish states bring strange inspirations :). Thanks for sharing your gift!


Thank you Yidneth! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well either.....sending you hugs and positive energy!

Creepy I love it


Trying to bring more creepy to Steemit lol


Well done as always love!

Well, that was bizarre...creatively bizarre...