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I tried to play the video but it just wouldn’t. I guess my connection is not strong enough.


It's working now , dlive takes a while sometimes


Great! I have seen it

An interesting approach to voting, an equal equivalent of vote for all, I liked it.

Good person now have something to rejoice for ;)


I'm waiting for the bad person token , joking

I kind of liked it as only the people who have good contents will have the potential to be on the trending page as a matter many will get to learn many new things from them, which it was supposed to be from the start but everything has a sideaffect. Let us hope for the best and hope it brings a new standard out in here.

thank for a creative post.......
keep it going...

That was thoughtful of you to share with us, thanks for the enlightenment, video in session now catch ya

Wooo muy bueno amigo saludos desde venezuela

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote..

it's a great theme ..great to share....