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I spent a couple of years living downtown at the Ogden and just love the city. The Knights' story is simply amazing and yet unheard of. I cannot believe an expansion team has done this. Desert Hockey is legit!!!

No one is perfect we all need to learn along the way and keep applying :) have a great day

Excellent message you shared through the stream thanks for sharing it :)

I completely agree with you. This is the right approach to life. The easier you behave, the more people you have to pull yourself to.

Let them know, a lot of people always call themselves the best but they don't know there is someone better out there. Let the best be judged by performance and people

Well said, it is always good for us to be ourselves no matter what we are or whom we thinks we are . If we have talent or an expert in any field of endeavour , it will be better we live humbly and try not to be boastful of it

People have too much jealousy. I feel bad for the rich celebrities and many others that have to deal with it.

No one knows it all. Even the best teachers are also students. We are only good and perfect in whatever we are exposed to. Not everything

We should indeed avoid saying that as a matter of fact I do like the place where it can have a shot ;)

Vegas all the way this time missed checking it out :) but thanks for sharing

i am not the best because i am yet to learn the tough experiences in life

This is a great message hope we get a lot more messages from you.