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How to make friends and influence people by @inventor16.

I'm a top 92 witness with @paulag @steemcommunity and we like to think the stuff we do doesn't make us 'dead weight'.

I agree that the dapps/utopian and apps like steemhunt are what, if anything, will take us forward. Hopefully SMT will open the geek floodgates for more of these platforms.


True, hopefully the utopian witness and others like that will be in the top 20 more in the future.


Yep they have my vote 👍🏾

Thanks for your respect man!


You are a boss!

Brooo, shit was funny! I’m a fuckin nerd 🤓😂🤣

everyone is not the same some are talented and some don't that's life


Everyone is not
The same some are talented
And some don't that's life

                 - blazing

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Lol You're a brutally honest person, I like it!!

I like the manner in which you bring your thoughts. I hope that prosperity awaits us and the platform will be alive.

You seem a "bit" negative. lol I mainly get frustrated with new people who I try and help and don't even want to bother to learn about the platform. Like it's a waste of my time to try and help newbies. I should probably stop but about 10% do actually listen.

ned/mrdelegation did some bad calls and very questionable delegations in the past that puzzled everyone. Delegations do not necessarily reflect good judgement or projects. Look at what happened to dmania.

I hope you sat back and watched this video. I hope while watching it, you couldn't help but think "Man, am I really this much of a tool?" And after you asked yourself that question, I hope you realize the answer is yes, you are a huge fucking tool.

"95% of Steemians are just fucking nerds"

You sound like a middle school punk that thinks he is edgy and his friends like him when really they are laughing at his flat rim hat that looks like he got from good will. You are such a Ned fanboy it is insane. You have no technical ability to judge the capabilities or accomplishments of an ant, let alone a developer.

What have you created that you have such a strong stance that only people that have created well known apps, or "DAPPS" as you call them like all the other idiots? If I recall, you also ran a witness. But looking at it now, I see your signing key is disabled. Would I be incorrect that you just failed at being a witness and are now responding in the most mature way possible to express your frustrations?

I wonder if you got drunk and popped some nyquil before you made this post. However, I know that is probably giving you too much benefit of the doubt in this situation.

Try not to let the success or position of other people affect your life so greatly. Just offer something valuable to the world and perhaps you too will eventually get the recognition you are looking for.

And next time you try to run a witness, instead of having your singular buddy trade vote 4 vote to get you out of the gutter, how about you create some stuff and make some contributions to this community. I guarantee it will get you a lot farther than some ridiculous rant where you make yourself look like a glue sniffer.

Once more ... quit being such a Ned fanboy. Some of the delegations given from SteemIt have been massively flawed and revoked because of that reasoning. Getting a FREE DELEGATION to help start your shitty "D"APP does not mean you are successful... it actually could indicate quite the opposite.

Anyways ... Good bait, bro.

(Looks like your only "contribution" is a delegation to MinnowBooster. What a wonderful way to contribute. But let's go ahead and talk down about OTHER people making an income, amirite?)