[MATH] New Fractal.Tunes.Pi-ro-graph-eye.

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Hey Friends!

It's been Wowie up in hizzy, I'm kinda dizzy...so I am tying myself up in a nice @FrankBacon-8er and chomping on la musica with the magick from @AllSeeingEwe (but seriously, I'm still blaming Bad FrankY).

I picked up some mad Ganesha moves up in what I've been calling my #ARTOFLOVE which I do up here in #LovesKitchen and some kind of Kali Maa-Moohdled me up into a Durga doodler and Pow...

I guess the Blue thing showed up.

It looks like the Ascension Mission that sum of us Roy-ally "mathed" when someone was like, "Oh here, you dumb F_cKING...Joke._."

Someone has been blatantly LYING to you all about the "Magickal Gathering" and the "Monsters card game" and his hateful mugshot is forever #666'd in a big nasty ditch...

And to all of you who were hoodwinked and chose to stay there by punctuating this clearly where all could hear in the "MYSTERIOUS" Dark Web of the only Crystal who landed here yet, you're officially in my "Phucket" bucket...

If you missed the vapor kisses, you didn't...

It's here on The Official "Deliverance Ring" eva on @DLive.

And if you haven't actually gotten yourself integrated in the only math that works, the law of mutual attraction, I have a referral link that I'm sharing here, to let my @DLive Fam know that I'm the one who the Kat Butler'd in.

I'm so thirsty, I feel like I drank all of Tiamat. She must love! I say, it's been proofed.

Magick oof!


P.S. - I'm also the only 1 the Cat drug in. And now you nodled...cause y'all been Bowdl'd!

P.P.S. - You already heard what I've been saying and I know all a'boat-it, so just stuff. lol #VoicesThatSave

My live stream is at DLive

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Great work sir i am very happy to see you again.


Hey brother, always wonderful to have you here. Thanks for being a witness for the truth of love that exists.

I want to know more about who/what you are referring to in the Monster cards thing,lol. RESPECT


Hey brother, someone really tried to take advantage of your namesake with this Goose and Grimm thing and anyone who was "hey you're my buddy" with the wink in between the pokey places were the first targets made easy and sleazy in the bucket of fishies landing all the spoogies from the love juice attacks...

And the "monsters" were only ever done right by Lady Gaga.

That guy has no name and what he's done is put a # (equivalent to a STAKE) into you with a monster suit that he tricked you into letting him "play" you with...whille yanking you back and forth and even wanting you to play "die bitches."

Let's see. What does the math tell you?

I read it as a horrific display of what will never exist in this place ever. This "peephole" (not to be confused with "people") attack is going back with a fear stick in it, in all the right places...

Maybe I read the bible just right to see through this. And not so supper-rising-ly is it evident that the ones who were beating people over with the tic tacs are the ones who chomped the hardest.

And this has been the MAS of 9/11 and this is where everyone CHOSE to be staked...so now you have it.

Hope the purr-gating worx for those who even landed in a gate of purrs.