99 Luftballoons | Magick Hat Trick...

in dlive •  3 months ago

99 Luftballoons.gif

Think 99 luftballoons, by Nena.

I've been having so much FUN learning how to do everything I want and just being here.

The singular act of loving presence in one's own world, more of that.

What do you think of my hat, @fulltimegeek??? (It's been my magick helmet for this strongend! I hear the "Gerrymanderers" are crowning like real "Kings" Way to win, right? lol!!!)

Luftballoon me up on this. Mine are Cerulean, like the sky and the eye I was birthed through. Thank you for this!


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Not today. Not any day :D


I concur.

I already sealed it. ✨

I will be burning what never came to exist off my spirit board...maybe later. I'm not sure when yet...it's a very special occasion.

Pity to those who misunderstood what it is to incept. 💘

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