Hearthstone Ranked Play!! 6/4/18 - Time to rip up the meta!!

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Hello gamers!
It has been a long day for me. I had to get my car towed from work, just finished my food from lunch time, had to get a ride home and now its time to relax and forget life's roller-coasters with some ranked Hearthstone!! lol

I'm back starting @ rank 10!
Let's see what the HS gods have in store for me this season.

I will be playing Druid and Warrior in the beginning, if they do the trick i'll continue to push the ranks, if not I will be trying other heroes as well. Lets see what the meta throws at me this time.

Any questions or comments please join chat!!
What decks and heroes do you like this meta??

I'm ready for the next expansion already, are you!?

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As always,
Work hard, stay humble and Steem & D-Live on!!

Never give up, keep pushing, even when your goals seem impossible, stay positive and continue forward. When you finally strike gold, when things start to finally go your way (no matter what your striving for), the feeling of accomplishment is one of the best feelings you will ever feel.

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Hey, @gre3nI will put the picture that I associate with your post:


Thank You!

Its been fun, Managed to go from no stars RANK 10 into a few stars ending on rank 9. I'll be back tomorrow night eastern standard time! See you all there :)