Hearthstone Ranke Play! *New Season* 6/3/18 - Let's start rippin' through the ladder!!

in dlive •  8 months ago


Hello Gamers!
I'm back with a haircut ;) to start off a new season of Hearthstone!! I tweaked my decks a little bit to fit the current meta and its going to be a lot of fun!!

Starting off at rank 12 this stream.

I am currently in the works of making a few Steemit related t-shirts!! Stay tuned to my streams and blog for info on that this week!!


Some of my Art on instagram, follow me:

Steemit Blog:

As always,
Work hard, stay humble and Steem & D-Live on!!

My live stream is at DLive

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Well played ! :)


Thank you!

Welcome to the stream, please join chat!!

I'll be back tomorrow 8 or 9 pm EST to stream more hearthstone, after work and after I get more designs done for my clothing store. Put your email address in this link mrmichaelsclothing.com!! :)

I finished off at rank 10 at the end of this stream