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Summary of Episode 9

In our last Episode of Angels, Demons & the Leviathan, Exposing the Occult, we dug deeper into the roots of the occult as we learned about:

  • Horus
  • What is the Raising Cycle
  • The Son of the Howling One
  • Babylonian Life-Cycle Mythology
  • Apollo and the Cosmic Death Dance of Shiva

and more. These lessons are paramount to our understanding of and our defense against the evil of past and present. Backed by Biblical History, Extrabiblical Writings, Archeology, Culture and Science, we come to the understanding that no pagan religion or new age activity is innocent but roots are traced back to the ultimate adversary (the satan).

Today on God Waves Ep 10

We closed Ep. 9 with the comment that Where the spirit of the Beast is found, we also invariably find the spirit of the great goddess.

Remember Bel, Ba'al at Babylon, Heracles at Tyre? Remember Astarte and Ishta?

'The goddess' is another portion of the hero himself- for each is both: if his stature is that of a world monarch, she is the world. If he is the warrior, she is the fame. She is the image of his destiny which he has to release from the prison of enveloping circumstances.

Alexander Lawrence. Leviathan's Ruse, Vol. 1: The Comprehensive Guide to the Battle Between Good and Evil (Kindle Location 8436). Watchman Alexander Publications.

It is here where we continue with the

  • Lamentations of the Queen of Heaven
  • Old Reverends’ Tales
  • The Eights King (who are the other seven? even in modern times?
  • The Name of the Antichrist can be found in the Old Testament
  • The Antichrist's identity revealed?
  • The First Global Superpower
  • Osiris, the Mighty
    and if we get to it
  • Asshur Reconstruction
    • The hidden things of Rosteau
    • The pseudo-resurrection

Summary of Past Shows in this Series

In previous weeks, we investigated the myth and reality of Biblical and Mesopotamian gods and goddesses of old, Venus, Nimrod, Gilgamesh, Rama, Sita, Titan, Olympus, Apollo (Rev 9:11, 17:8) - the list is long.

Last Sunday, we looked at the REAL Lightbearer. Then we learned about the Lesser and Greater Occult and proved that supernatural beings, as well as corrupted human-beings, were elevated to gods and goddesses. Their origin is Angelic, Raphaemic and Demonic. We linked the occult to demonic sources - not least Highest Degree Masonic organizations and individuals.

We identified the Abyss and it's doorways and analyzed the doctrine of the Devil - going after our children's minds and souls and bodies - the blood of innocence is precious to demonic forces. Their appetite for devouring purity is insatiable appetite? It is for THAT reason that we see increased child/sex trafficking, child sacrifice and increasing occurrences of pedophilia and the drive to normalize and legalize these unspeakable crimes.

The United Nations' UNESCO, nefarious, evil, new age/occult cabal is poisoning our children with demonic occult practices that aim to dehumanize humans - and kill them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, follow today's outline as we go further.

The Occult Rebirth

There is nothing innocent about the occult and its practices. Veiled in good sounding idioms, such as unity, we are all one, peace, equality - the lies are demonic in their origin. Who is the father of lies? Satan! Satan imitates God and God's only begotten Son Jesus. Even in Masonic rituals, the death and resurrection of the Jesus is emulated during the initiation ceremony.

The Osirian Cycle

The Fruit which I have engendered is the Sun.

I shall not decay, I shall not rot, I shall not putrefy, I shall not turn into worms; I shall have my being, I shall live, I shall live. The Deceased, identifying with Osiris from the Book of the Dead

Uncovered: Some of the secrets of the Occult.
The Rabbit Hole goes deep. Think Unesco, NASA, EU, Berlin 1933-45, the architecture of Washington D.C., the transgender movement. The enemy has been successful moving humanity deceptively away from God to all that is ungodly.

Join me today on this weeks episode 10 of Angels, Demons and the Leviathan on God Waves.

My live stream is at DLive

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