This ones for Dlive - BIG Pike Fishing from a boat Ireland, To many Irish Pike to count.

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Pike fishing from a boat. You call it Pike fishing, I call it Hunting for Irish pike. So many we lost count !! Pike fishing from my Shetland boat
We spent another day pike fishing at a secret location somewhere in Ireland. We had over 30 hook ups in just a few hours, landed a lot of pike in one session. Using Jelly lures and savage gear lures. This is real hunting for pike.

My video is at DLive

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Man you put a beating on those pike! That is a really cool boat as well.


Thanks. I've just restored the boat. I've a YouTube channel showing how I restored it. Have a look and subscribe.

We are going after a Big pike over the next week or two then moving over to sea fishing. I think il have maybe 2 more chances to get a big one before we put the boat in the sea.
Thanks for the upvotes I really appreciate it.


No problem! I'll head over and checknout the vids. Don't forget the #myhuntingfishing tag it is great for exposure. Looking forward to the sea vids as well.


Hay man thank you. Got the subscription. I've had my YouTube a while but only recently started making fishing videos after I got the boat. Thanks again buddy il keep an eye out for your posts too. Tight lines