Fishing Fail, Fly Fishing for pike, wasnt expecting that, First time on Dlive !!

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Fly Fishing for pike, wasn't expecting that !!
Fishing fail while fly fishing for pike from my little boat. Subscribe youtube steemit and Dtube,
Thumbs up and see you there for more Non P.C. good old Irish Fishing. Fishing vlog from around Ireland

Myself and some friends do a lot of fishing / boating and we are trying to bring this to youtube, trying something new.

Following our passion !

We currently need 1000 Subscribers to have a chance in the world of youtube and we are asking for your help., So if you like fishing and boating, please follow along and subscribe to help us gather some steam
We would be so pleased to reach 1000 subscribers, that's our goal as we follow our passion.
If you enjoy fishing and would like to see more or tips and tricks, please subscribe to help us out and get us going.

Thumbs up to see what we do with the boat. (shetland 535)

It also lets us know someone out there is watching.

Check my other videos to see how we got on with our first launch.

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Tight Lines fellow fishermen

My video is at DLive

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