Rainbow Six Siege | DLive Exclusive

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Because our saved games got deleted in the last Guns Gore and Cannoli 2 update, tonight you're getting some Rainbow Six Siege action. Feel free to join us if you're playing on PC, as we try to do what has never been done before... actually win a game.

My live stream is at DLive


Great streaming man

1080p 60fps even!

I heard but he has too much faith in humanity

also YT isn't really a part of humanity, so that's his mistake

yerp everything cool

except the buffering and occasional stutter

I'm off to eat duck a l'orange and watch brooklyn 9-9, have fun guys!

it's 1080p or GTFO

i m happy to see r6s on dlive

great stream like and follow mine too pls <3

I hope you enjoy playing that game

You are right Dlive is Exclusive

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you'd think so unacomn but mnoo

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