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Nice to see you both in action with a new Video game! Sorry dude, have no way to be a part of it! Coz streaming is too costly in my country! See ya!


well tried to open the stream but it is lagging a lot don't know what's the problem but anyways nice to check out your post after a long time :)


I did have similar issues with streams not coming through not long ago, but they have since then miraculously disappeared and these days I can watch dlive streams (and dtube videos) almost glitch free.

It is nice to be back!

Wow nice to see both of you! Nice game, have fun and enjoy.

Hello Friend. Jaro came by to greet him, he had not heard from you for a long time. in past days I send greetings through our friend Markku. I'm sorry I can not watch the video. As much as I try to update my browser, it does not let me watch these videos.

My topfivefamily account is only to support a Venezuelan group. That's why I deleted it ..

This game is very good for kids .
Kids really enjoy this game

This is amazing and enjoyable game . That's why miro love to play it .

Amazing game my friend . This is most funny game . I hope you are loving play game . I am so enjoy your game . Thanks for sharing @gamer00

Wao very funny and interesting game,,,,All kids like this game,,,kids really enjoying to play this game,,,and i m glad to see both of you again,,,,u and your friend very player of this game,,,,both of you playing very nicely,,,,thanks for sharing this great game,,,

Very good game . Every kid will love to play this game .