Holiday photoedit 2

in dlive •  3 months ago


Here's the part 2 retouching session for our Summer holiday photos. I'll try to be quicker this time, because it took me over 3 hours last time.

(Maybe I can squeeze this to 2 hours. Anyway, have to pick up Miro in 2.5 h so...)

My live stream is at DLive

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Glad to see you back :-)


Heh, I am glad to be back!

(And for some reason my reply never went through. Okay, better late than never.)

Nice mate. Good to see you back in the swing of things. We missed you here. I don't completely dislike the whole dlive thing, but like your more standard blog work.

Good to see you having a good time doing live stream!
I live to do this one day! But I must upgrade my computer with more memory! Plus software!


Interesting to see the changes!

I never heard of this software, is it good for editing? I always use photoshop


It's Darktable, I think it's one of the best Open Source photoeditors out there.

It should work on Mac, Linux and Windows.

I could imagine the resolution of this photography! Editing takes around 10 mins! That's huge but at the end it's a wonderful photography!


You were kinda lost. I hope you have enjoyed the summer with your family.

You're getting faster.
The next time will be an hour.