See The World #1 - Brașov (Tâmpa Peak, The Black Church, The Rope Street, Council Square)

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Hello everybody and welcome on the first video of this new series that I was planning to start for a while now.

As I have already said in my intro post, I am going to post travel videos that I recorded during random trips that I enjoyed very much and where I felt a simple story or some pictures shared are not enough to make you properly feel those vibes that I lived.

So in today's post I will share a video recorded in Brasov, Romania, which contains 4 places that I have already shared stories and pictures from there with you, and I'm talking about Tâmpa Peak, The Rope Street, The Black Church and Council Square about you can still read by clicking on the names of those places, if you don't know their stories yet.

As I already said for many times, I never read about a place that I'm going to visit, before visiting it, because I prefer to live the present and don't let myself being too touched of the history or the past of some locations that I'm visiting, as I consider it's all up to us to create a story and some feelings to a place that we visit and not live those feelings that its past are sharing. I do love to get informed and learn about new places but I do it right away I finish my journey, so this is why I also want to share some videos from the trips we take together, so you can see all the fun and all the events are happening along our little trip.

Being my first travel video that I share with you, I'm looking forward to hear your opinions and what do you think about all the work I've put in.

It's the first video I managed to edit in Premiere Pro CC 2018 so I'm still learning and trying to improve my skills from a video to another.

Video recorded with: GoPro HERO 6
Edited in: Premiere Pro CC 2018

All rights reserved.

You can find me on:
Steemit Blog:

My video is at DLive

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Great Work Gabriela !


Thank you very much! 😊

Hiya, just swinging by to let you know that this post made the Honorable Mentions list in our daily Travel Digest. Please drop by to check out all the rest of today's great posts and consider upvoting the Travel Digest if you like what we're doing.

This is awesome video..
Me to like travelling...


Thank you for watching!

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♥ Love it! And i love the idea of not reading or searching what it's like where you heading coz your story may not be the same as what others experienced. Lovely places, so beautiful feels like I'm travelling with you xxx


Thank you so, so, SO MUCH!!! ♥️
I'm really happy to see that you enjoyed this trip and thank you for the kind words. Many hugs and much love on your way! 🤗

I miss my mountains. Thanks, looking forward for Ceahlau :)


Ceahlău mountains are really a great treasure for Romania :)

wonderful shot trip video gabriela 😊
very beautiful views. keep your good work 👌


Thank you! :)

Was so excited to watch it but DLive doesn't load for me right now but I'll check again later.


Try this way:

Hopefully it works now :)


It did, very cool!

Yay! Bravo, Gabriela! Keep on doing the video. You get the hang of it!


Thank you very much! 😊♥️

FOR TSE: This looks like it might be very interesting, but I literally cannot watch it. Dlive stops every 2 SECONDS to reload more of the video ... and then after about 20 seconds it continues for another 2 SECONDS. It's impossible to watch a 3+ minute video under those conditions.

I don't know if the problem is exclusively Dlive -- dTube is even worse, but I know other people have problems with it -- and not everyone in the world has a lightning-fast internet connection. (I don't for example. I live in the rural US.)

You might want to consider also posting these on YouTube so more people can see them conveniently. As for our group I can't recommend something to them -- or the public -- that I haven't personally read or watched. This does look like an exciting new direction for you, however. I hope you can get this worked out.



Thank you very much for your sincerely opinion, I will definitely also attach the YouTube link from now on.
Here is the link of the video if you still want to watch it and I'm really sorry for the problems on @dlive..


FOR TSE: Much, much, much better experience!! I love this piece (now that I've had a chance to really see it). I like the music you've chosen to accompany it. It was so much like being there!!

I can see a lot of great possibilities for this if you continue to work in this medium and experiment with your material. I'm not usually one for vlogs, etc., because most of them are incredibly boring and badly executed ---> not to mention the problems I listed above. But this was one of the best experiences I've ever had on a travel blog.

Bravo, girl!! You done good! (grin) ---> I know. Terrible English. It's a joke. Not the praise -- that's very sincere, but the English itself. (I thought I'd better explain since I know that's not your first language.)

I'm actually excited about this now.


Wow, wow, wow. And this definitely is the best comment I ever got on my videos. ♥️
Thank you so much, it really means a lot for me your opinion and I'm also very excited to see that you enjoyed the video so much.
Actually I don't really know how could I express my happiness right now, but I'm really very happy. 😀