The Road To Toronto | a visit with @captainbob

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That is where you need to go to find the latest updates for any and all Steem Creators information.

Our time in Toronto was unbelievable. We were able to visit with many Steem Creators from different parts of the world.

My first chance to sit down with another creator was with @captainbob. I have known him for a while now, but it took us coming to Canada to actually meet.

Like always he was cool, calm and collected. He was very insightful, and gave many tips to us all about telling stories.

I hope you all enjoy our visit today. Thank you in advance for the grace for the echoing room.

Stacie D and I are currently on the road full time and look forward many more exciting events like this. You can also check us out ......


Special thanks to @steemcafe and @larrymorrison for hosting such a great event, and helping us all have a unique opportunity.

Still to come.
A visit with @larrymorrison
A visit with @coruscate

My video is at DLive

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I’m so jealous!! We will meet soon @captainbob!


Haha it was a good laugh. I had to tease a little!

My two Steemit Hero’s in one place.

Great Video!!!


Haha just a couple of guys...hanging out in Canada !

Great spending time with you and StaciD in Toronto. Another great video from your man. Excited about your journey as well! Resteemed.


Thank you! We had such a great time. We really enjoyed meeting you!!

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It is so amazing to see more people getting together and doing collabs in real life here in our community. This is so amazing. :)