DLIVE NEWS! RED ALERT - 4:20 IS A TROJAN HORSE - DNA Collection Agenda! #FakeNewsReport

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Join Jeff C as he exposes the REAL agenda behind Marijuana Legalization in Canada and elsewhere!

My live stream is at DLive

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Jeff, you made some great points on the subject. For sure the push to get people hooked on tinker weed is a real threat.

Cannabis heals people and the soil, and it has the ability to replace a lot of toxic industries.

If anyone has access to real tinker-free Cannabis seeds may I suggest letting a plant go to seed and trying out some guerrilla gardening!!


Israeli scientists, who have been at the forefront of marijuana’s genetic engineering for years, are now modifying marijuana to treat a range of diseases


Other projects will work at establishing a national genetic database for strains of medicinal cannabis and genetic engineering.

i wonder how much pot is grown in isis ra el ? hmmmm

Jeff awesome report. Fun little addition to your comments about price deflation..these tech gadgets seem to get cheaper every year too. From phones to TVs all the stuff needed to dumb a population down.

Never really considered the idea that marijuana is one of the only products that has gotten cheaper over time... Here in Vancouver (Washington) it's dropped $10-15 per gram since it has been "legalized". I put that in quotes because the average person still technically can't legally grow without a permit... which were all accounted for before marijuana even went legal. The glass hand...

marijuanna is good for medical reason. marijuanna oil is good

if they 'legalise' it the illegal trade will increase and the 'drug war' will never end

I smoke two joints in the morning
I smoke two joint at night
I smoke two joint in the afternoon
It makes me feel alright

still don't see how it was all stagd

i dont smoke weed

ive worked at these places you dont make that much but its fun

time for paperwork

it enhances concentration, so if you're focused on funny stuff you laugh more, if focused on 'bad' stuff it makes you feel worse etc

i remember watching that nwo speech at the time, gave me the creeps

Hey Jeff. Hey everyone!

heya Grace :)

i like me some friday afternoon fakenews

"It's a big idea, a Jew World Order"

cannabis is not chemically addictive

but it can be psychologically addictive, just like many other things

we create the world with the stories we tell each other, 'they' monopolised the story-telling 'industry'

the minister of 'help yourself to more cake'

6 weeks on average

too high for this

ooo you coincidence theorist you :D

small amount is okay. but to be stone is kinda not okay...

Amazon Echo. Is Amazon Echo always listening? Alexa is activated when it detects one of its wake words, which are "Alexa," "Amazon," "Computer," or "Echo." ... But until that happens, Alexa always has open ears, waiting to be addressed.

source usatoday

good stuff Jeff thank you :)

good shit

definitely ready for the gaming stream, you should play fornite

take regular breaks from it too

it is a sacred herb, healing for body, mind and spirit

I've always hated the lebowski movie, that's why it's ironic for me.

I have never taken a drug in my life and plan to keep it that way.

starts at about 10:00

its kind of hard to not smoke weed a lot when you trim bud and grow erb for a living

Cannabis culture is a complete psyop from the beginning. Glad to see someone else on the same page not falling for the dialectic!

jeff, you're a prophet dude.