DMC: Devil May Cry - 4

in dlive •  6 months ago


After taking on one of the nastiest (looking) bosses I've ever come across, the journey continues...

My live stream is at DLive

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All I gotta say is... "I love you guys"!!! Please, please make it to Steemfest 3! :)


haha right back at ya Ezzy! I believe we'll be there ;)

See you tomorrow mate and your streams are a good way to sharing experiences and knowledge,see you tomorrow ,👍


All good, mate... Thanks for chilling out on my stream. :)

Showtime am up and ready let get started @ezzy amazing post buddy !

I like the game , that my first adventure game

Yea, we up!! One of my favourite games. Lets get down

Naaaa... Devil must cry tonight. Off to dlive to watch him weep. Hehehe


Lol! Thank, buddy. Loving this game and the conversations I had too... :)