Outlast - Live Stream - Part 2 - FINAL

in dlive •  6 months ago


Good evening everyone!

On my friend's @ezzy recommendation I'm playing a game called Outlast.

Yesterday I played the game and it's scary as hell!

Today I hope to make it to the end of the game.

Preferably alive...

Let's play. Enjoy the Stream.

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Glad you know.
If any bad dream do not panic, just a dream.
Keep on steemin'

Mark @exyle you are having too much FUN Playing Video Games and Making more STEEM Tokens. Maybe you should go back out and get a REAL JOB !!


Holy smoke, this game is intense!
Exyle, you should turn off the creepy music, it will become so much easier!


Yeah, the music is intense indeed. It's a wild ride that game.

How do you like new Dlive update? off chain chat etc


It's fantastic!

Hahahaha scary you say? Can any game really be scarier than resident evil? Would really wana watch this to know what you mean when you say scary. Lolzz


Yeah, this game is way scarier in my opinion.

Wow I didn't realise that you have started to stream some video games. Looks like that gaming heart is coming out again. Have you been playing anymore street fighter and have you finally won a game again ezzy.

I played outlast a couple of years ago but I didn't finish the game because I got shit scared. I just ant handle games like that, I wish I had less of a weak heart.

I'm trying to watch the stream but my internet is extremely slow so it barely loads. I definitely need to buy better internet. Does dlive compile the stream into a video to watch later?

I didn't realise you are a witness now and I immediately went over and voted for you. I hope all is going well @exyle


I have won against @ezzy but SF5 needs a rest a.t.m because I hurt my wrist. I only finished Outlast because I was streaming it otherwise I would have stopped after 5 minutes, lol. Dlive does compile a video after the stream indeed. And yes, I am a witness with my group @blockbrothers. Thanks so much for the support!

ugh good LUCK! that game messed me up! so scary! lol


I made it! But now I need to find something more light to stream.


yeah exactly... need a palette cleanse after that one..!

I can tell this guy is really scared 😱. He is almost in panic mode hearing his breathing. I would definitely not want to be in his shoes. This music is scary as well. I guess production knew exactly where to hit the nerve. There were so many moments when he was really lucky this ugly barge didn’t find him. I’m surprised he didn’t bleed out eventually, but it’s a game and that’s why. lol Before he bled, they just started shooting to him like hi was any threat. The end was pretty intense. I can clearly see @ezzy war completely right. This game is really pulling you in based on your reactions 😆. Great game even watching you play it. Only one thing is missing, I already mentioned it, VR.


In VR this game must be a nightmare! I was already scared enough.

I saw your video this game is very interested , i really like it .

I resteem post ....

Your post is always different i follow your blog and upvote everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @exyle

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Creepy game

I wan to you

Good eavning dear I saw your video this game is interested adventures
Carry on

Good video my friend @exyle.... You're already making progress, and it's getting harder and harder. Keep enjoying it!! Greetings colleague :)

Yeah I watched a bit of it and was terrified with the little I saw . The monster holding a club

good dlive post
carry on

Is the game an action or adventurw gam before streaming it

Good evening dear . And Wao beautifull game dear like it too. Iam always playing with my friend

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It's a good game to hit some cries hahahaha