Vlog 337: The day the blockchain stood still. A fix is currently being rolled out. Witnesses update your servers to v.0.19.5!

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What a scare we all had this morning!

The blockchain stood still. No blocks produced at all.

I woke up @bennierex (our dev) at 6 am to inform him something was up.

Not long ago a fix has been released and it's currently being rolled out by the witnesses including @blockbrothers


Witness @blockbrothers is now running v.0.19.5 on all the servers.

Here are the release note including the reason for the halt.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 10.59.24.png

Things should hopefully be back to normal soon!

Lot's of stress on the same day I go on holiday :)

I talk about it more in my short vlog.

I am part of witness @blockbrothers.

Please consider us for your witness vote if you think we deserve it here:

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Everything will be alright as this is the community of very talanted personality.Thanks for sharing your problems,all is well dear.

What a scare we all had this morning

Me too. I was almost scared to death, when I checked my steemit account this and nothing seems to be working. But now, knowing it is kind of upgrade going on, there is it cos for alarm nor to be worried. Thanks for this update brother.

I heard the top 20 witness had to a convene to fix the situation, well it's a pretty scare, but the blockchain will definitely live forever, this I'm sure of, glad it's back on

Wow! I did notice that Steemit and steemd wasn't working last night. I think Steemdb was still working though. I figured it was just a Steemit.com issue and another Steemd issue. Thank you for the excellent coverage. I will share this today. Thanks for helping out.

Thanks for the explanation. I noticed the issue before sleep... bad dreams for me last night. Enjoy your holiday!

The reaction time for the fix was pretty good! The dev team was clearly ready for any problems!


They worked very hard!

I woke up to it. Funny thing discords felt like a feverish after party with so many people from different time frames awake and gathered up, including funniest improv songs

Quite a scary start of the day for sure when you can't access anything but everyone worked like a team hopefully everything will be back to normal

I didn't noticed the down moment, because I was sleeping until right now. It´s good to see "our" blockchain handle really well with situations like this, it make us feel all much safer.

My only doubt is what happen if some trash people decide to constantly "attacked" the blockchain like it happened yesterday. Will it be stopped for weeks, months? (I don´t understand much about it).

it all seems to be working again OK now.

Have a great holiday, although, no doubt, you will be posting while you are away. 😁

Wishing you a smooth and uneventful journey.

What a day man. I thought it was another DDOS attack or something, or that the blockchain was overloaded with too many people posting. It seems to be all ok again now, well done blockbrothers! And whoever else lol

glad to see your vlog post this morning! Goid job being on it & for doing a good fix asap. Glad it's all fixed before heading out on your holiday! Phew! Enjoy. Catch you next time!!

I already wondered, why the chart showed a flat line over many hours at https://coincodex.com/crypto/steem/
I'm confused though - if the blockchain stands still, is the price also frozen?
Can't you trade tokens when the blockchain is stopped?


The price no (on exchanges). But you can't send tokens.

I had a few errands to run this morning so I didn't try to log in. I am glad that everything is ok and life can go on as usual. I guess all's well that ends well. BTW have a great holiday with lots of relaxation and fun :)

That is an awful scare! Happy to know you guys are on top of it! What a way to start your vacation! Now that things are under control, enjoy your holiday!

Thanks for the update. I have a safe and fun time on your holiday!

I knew something was wrong when I tried to log in a while ago! Thanks for the update, @exyle.

I do not, in any way, understand the technical side of Steemit, but I highly appreciate the efforts of the ones who do and do their best to fix it and make it better, like you @blockbrothers and the witnesses. So thank you very much! Cheers!

Nice video , informative post .
Thanks for your information .

Keep good work of every time .

Thanks for sharing @exyle
Upvote you .

Yes, it was strange to see our beloved Steemit off.

I saw connexion problems yesterday as well but went to bed!

Hi Exyle. Hopefully it is all fixed and is not a temporary fix. Enjoy your holiday.

I am new here so when i saw it's not loading I'm freaking out .. Just happy its already working .

Good post
Good luck

Thanks for sharing the good information and your concern!!

Hope everything will be alright soon..!

With the constant development and upgrades experienced in the steem blockchains of recent I believe there are going to be more positive surprises in respect to sustaining the blockchain in the long term

Good to see this was resolved swiftly. The steemit site needs to show the team updates as not everyone will look at twitter


That's correct!

I thought it was my connection, because here in Venezuela this is bad, so I turned off and connected this morning, Thank God.

Mark @exyle I was not panicked at all in fact I looked at it as a way of catching my Breath so I could come back refreshed for the Second Half of the Year..............Steemit will only get Stronger.