Outlast - Live Stream - Part 1

in dlive •  5 months ago


Good evening everyone!

On my friend's @ezzy recommendation I'm playing a game called Outlast.

I don't know much about this game besides that it's scary as hell.

I'm not much of a horror fan but I'm told it's worth it for the experience.

I might regret this.

Let's play. Enjoy the Stream.

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You got to get Your Heart Pumping and what better way to do than getting a little bit scared Mark @exyle.................


It's a scary game for real.

Wow!! It's amazing. But I'm afraid. I think suddenly a ghostly appearance will come in front. Though I am exited. I am watching and enjoying. You are playing well. Keep playing. Thanks Sir.

Oh Sh!t didn't expect you to play outlast this is going to be crazy haha wonder how @ezzy did it, watch out @exyle this was some jumpy game. You done well think I was more scared watching (best part) fuck @ezzy ! LOL


LOL :)

Get ready to s**t your pants @exyle!
Have a good stream man!


Pretty scary stuff. Great game though.

⚠️ outlast contains graphic sexual and scary content. That’s interesting start. It’s already very tempting and it hasn’t even started yet. 😆 it would be even better to play it in VR. That would be really scary😱. Oh boy, with so much blood around, I have always had a weakness on seeing blood or even talikng about it makes me 🤢. But fortunately not in the games, I know it’s not real though. These figures are not a humans these are zombies. I mean who keeps hitting his head repeatedly, does he really think he can break this concrete post? 😆.

Interesting adventure game but really scary, I stopped watching when I saw the bodies hanging in the library..


I can imagine...man..

Wow its amazing . But i am afraid . This game is very well .

Your post is always different i follow your blog and upvote everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @exyle

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Hi @exyle. It's very interesting game. I always like such kind of games. I think you are the best player. Go ahead. It's very enjoyable 👍

hahahhahhahahah if you are feared to play this game you should not.
but i think its better for you to play this game because its the only way you can lose your fear and then you can get whatever you want
keep it up buddy

Good evening @exyle! I see you're not playing that Grim Fandango tonight. I hope you enjoy Outlast too like how you enjoyed playing Grim Fandango or even better!

game outlast? a unique name, but I myself do not really like the theme of horror. Is there a game that integrates with steam? Thanks for share @exyle


Dead Space is pretty scary.

Enjoy the moment friend, it must be very funny my best wishes for luck

I didn’tjoin the game from the start, but it seems you didn’t have weapons? Why couldn’t you kill the man with club you had to hide from him. My network is messing up so I left

Very good post @exyle, you are really cool, I really like all the games, because in my opinion, the game can be a faithful friend, when we are stressed, and when many problems in life that we live. I really like games that have many challenges. thank you... :)


Yes, video games are like dogs, a best friend, Yoshi, a Furby, so relaxing.

Enjoy the moment sir @exyle . Good luck

Come on man do u get scared to play a game?its funny to hear...but all the best play well

Upvoted. Love video games. Love War Craft and Metal Gear. Outlast looks awesome and I will need to try it. Thanks for sharing. I'm Oatmeal. You are like my brother hehe.

I feel bored by watching it. Like I just want to pickup a Gatling gun and fire it on that Asylum.

it's cool, but I am too addicted to video games these days.

That game is very good my friend @exyle, but if it's scary enough hahaha. Have a good time!! I'll play for a while Zula. I quite like that game hehe.

this was beyond expectations so awesome it is :)