Grim Fandango - Live Stream - Part - 8

in dlive •  5 months ago


Good evening everyone!

I'm playing a remastered version of an old classic called Grim Fandango.

I remember I utterly enjoyed this game back in the day (1998, I was 14).

I think it's the perfect game to give my wrist more rest before I continue my Street Fighter journey.

This is Part 8. We found Meche! We are now locked up in the Domino's vault. Can we escape?

Enjoy the stream!

My live stream is at DLive

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Getting closer to the end of this fantastic game.
What will be your next game?
Streetfighter or another adventure?


Thanks, indeed almost done. I think it will be another adventure.

Hello sir..How are you? I watched most of the parts of Grim Fandango - Live Stream :)
Now I am excited to watch the part 8. Now I am watching and enjoining the game. Go ahead sir. Best of luck :)

Ehhhh my friend @exyle in 1998 was my birth just now I am 19 years old. The video games that sealed my infancy were "Crash Bandicoot" in the PSOne and "GTA San Andreas" years later in the PC. No doubt a good childhood hehe.

Thank you for sharing part of your infancy with us. Greetings and a hug from Venezuela! :)


Oooh I played this game on my first PC. Memories! Love it!

remastered version looks pretty great

Oh yes, the old, kind and in my constantly demanded game Grim Fandango. . You reminded me of her. Thank you.

Live streaming your dlive video game playing is awesome and entertaining and fun @exyle

Que va!! soy de esa época jajaja

I will also link to play with you guys some day. But I am not that good with computer games. I only played counter strike and Call of Duty

Well, never heard of this game but one thing I know is that most of the games I used to enjoy as a kid now looks like trash to me. So I wonder how you still manage to enjoy a game you enjoyed at the age of 14. Well people are different ...lolzz

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Your game is fantastic , i waiting for next game .

I recieved your post on resteem my blog .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @exyle

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Good luck with Grim Fandango! Rest your wrist.
Nice way crypto bouncing after consolidation. Let’s not predict, but I say Steem at $6.00 and bitcoin at 13k short therm.

wonderful stream you had today awesome to check that out nice game :)

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wow that was fun to watch had so much excitement :)

I'm watching your game again haha. Makes me want to play some games at this moment too =)

i would love to try this game out soon thanks for sharing this :)

excellent streaming gaming is always fun and thrill to enjoy