Vlog 330: Steemitblog update: Hivemind 1.0 in production+ Steem price + I'm buying STEEM with SBD.

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The Steemit Team released a new update post last night here

Hivemind 1.0 is live!

Hivemind will make communities possible on the the steem blockchain!

Hivemind 1.0 is the underlying architecture (foundation) so you won't see anything on the frontends yet but it's a very important first step:

from the post:

We are excited to announce that hive 1.0 has been completed and is live in production! Condenser has been updated to start using the hive APIs and is currently undergoing testing against hive’s condenser_api implementation. The current focus is on compatibility and stability.

After this phase is over:

As soon as we confirm everything looks good and address any unexpected issues that come up, it will be time to start the fun part - Hivemind 1.5!

The also write about why it took so long to develop this:

We know that it has taken much longer than everyone has expected for us to get to this point. Development has taken much longer than originally planned because we made the decision early on that we should build communities for Steem and not exclusively steemit.com. In other words, we wanted to build a Communities layer that every Steem developer could leverage. This would create a unifying layer that would enable the Communities you see on one Steem application to be the very same Communities you see when you visit other DApps powered by Steem. While this decision added a lot of time to the development cycle, we feel that the value that this new software will add for developers will make it well worth the wait!

I think this is well worth waiting for!

Steem price

I'm currently carrying out the plan I made.

(Again I don't know if it's the right plan but it's my plan.)

I'm buying STEEM everyday with the SBD that I bought.

The SBD protects me from a falling STEEM price while it allows me to slowly buy STEEM on the internal markets.

Of course when STEEM goes up from here and SBD doesn't go up with it I will lose out.

I accepted this risk. I consider my current tactic also a hedge.

If STEEM goes up from here I would be extremely happy.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am part of witness @blockbrothers.

Please consider us for your witness vote if you think we deserve it here:

We are the creators of Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

My video is at DLive

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Smart work ,from a smart businessman ,fantastic dear.Think the same way,sbd may not increase like steem price,so it is the golden opportunity to increase sp.Good luck.

I sometimes buy Ethereum with my SBD, and then everything drops like a brick. But Steem drops faster and then I buy Steem with my Ethereum.

I love your plan. And you are right about your emotions. Just keep smiling and buying. Maybe a few more months and then this B.S. will be finally over! 😎

Tipuvote! :)

The application would bring about a development to the world of steemit, I have read about it too yesterday.

You are very tactical, I believe you will surely make more profit once steem increase in price and sbd remain at $1

Mark @exyle I am going to see how the price of SBD's and Steem act this weekend before I make some moves.................It is such a good feeling to buy when lots of people get discouraged.............

Steem = $1.34 and falling.

I've started exchanging SBD for Steem @exyle. Just a bit everday. I'm still hoping it will got back to where I can get more than one Steem for one SBD. 😂

I have a $150 visa gift card I got for filling out a google review kicking around. I have been holding onto it 'just in case'. When i didn't get to buy steem in tge previously dip eatlier this year I was sad but after it went back up i thought about this visa gift card and was like 'shit, coulda used this card!' Well I am thinking it's time to figure out how to buy SBD with it and then power it up. Now, to figure out how to do it 😂. Hopefully, it will work! Of course I will first try to buy one token and when it is successful will go from there. I appreciate your tips and encouragement in this area. There's NO ONE that i know IRL that does these things. I've been very interested in blockchain ever since I heard of it in 2013. It's just taking a while to get into it. Have a great day!


Just start very small while finding your way. If you have any questions I'm on discord or steemchat.

Pretty cool update from the team can't wait more on that and on the other hand pretty cool time to buy steem right now :)

Well thats a nice strategy. I can only hope that Steem and SBD go up. It has been a while now and it is really frustrating :(

Thank you for the update on hivemind, I can't wait to see how it all turns out with the formation of communities on steemit and related platforms. Hopefully, this sideways action in the market will be over soon and your steem/SBD hedge strategy will bear fruit :)

Let´s wait for the "fun stuff" to happen with Hivemind!!

@ned ´s powerdown will work as a boost in price of STEEM later on, to much attention given to that, I think.

SBD has now finally reached it's Peg of $1, which brings us with really a good opportunity to invest in SBD's...

Congratulations exyle on this magnificent information that you have provided for our Steemian community.


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exyle post is not a spam suggest you check his post manually

Thanks for your information on the video @Exyle
Interesting info about the Hivemind which makes communities possible on the Steem blockchain.
I just found your blog and I am a follower.

Best regards

Wit the new lows of SBD, do you think it may be time to again enable the exchange of 1 sbd for 1$ worth of Steem?

blog and pot your vidio is very good, i am new in steemit support my blog my brother.

This is good news for every steemian on the block chain.. Its something. Let us just keep hoping for more, better and beneficial improvements/developments like this in the future.

Great stuff @exyle you are my inspiration.

Resteemed to over 4000+ followers.

your tactic seems good.
I appreciate it.👌👌👌
go ahead dear @exyle

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Well looking forward to it and as far as it goes till now you have made wise decision so I suppose it will turn out good as well !

Well sbd is quite lower than steem, I don't know if it is a good idea except if as you said sbd rises along with steem. Funny enough I have been doing this for a while. I smell sbd for steem and powerup mostly.

Well we will see what we will see.

When you say buy Steem, are you actually purchasing Steem or are you moving your SBD into SP? I know the benefit of just buying Steem is that it is more liquid, but moving it into SP would be more beneficial for your account right? Except your Steemit account is probably pretty healthy on it's own I guess. Just curious!