Vlog 336: Enjoying the STEEM pump!

in dlive •  6 months ago


I woke up to a nice pump in STEEM.

What a great way to start the day!

Learn to enjoy these moment because STEEM does not pump that often. (but when it does it's usually a nice one!).

If the price can stay here for a while everyone that has outstanding posts will benefit.

Over 3,5 days the payouts will go up roughly 30% which is nice for everyone that kept the faith and kept blogging throughout the downtrend.

If the price can't sustain here then just enjoy it anyway, what else is there? :)

Currently my SBD hedge is no longer valid because SBD went up too (no point in having a hedge when the hedge can loose value just the same) I therefor will slowly sell the SBD to Fiat and use that as a hedge until market direction becomes more clear.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

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Whats is your prediction about the prices of steem? It will go to the moon?

Holding Steem is the best investment!

The biggest Exyle smile I have seen in 2 months!


Can't help it!

I'm glad to see your smile brother. I had listen to your advice and I haven't give up on steem and i kept posting every day.
I'm enjoying this beautiful day, i bought some steem last night and waking up this morning was really awesome, have a great day @exyle, ciao


Thanks! Post everyday indeed!

agreed that this is very good for steemit but as it doesn't pump often then a pullback should be expected so hedging is wise.

Personally I think the market as a whole is now more rationally priced with only experienced traders really getting involved.

Based on the volume I don't think we're seeing new money at the moment so I'm doubtful a bull run will happen any time soon but then again it does only takes one piece of good news sometimes :)

awesome work @exyle. thanks for the post. the news is just incredible. steem is going back very high and thats very great for us users. thanks alot. keep up the good work.

Dang straight @exyle I have been watching it all day long. How dare you give us the finger! lol I started here on steemit in a bear market, its nice to see my account value jump up!


Yeah! sorry about that again :)

Love this morning's pump! Made my day before it even started!


Haha, I know the feeling.

We are on the way back UP Brother ! Mark @exyle

It's amazing how a little pump can make people happy, I wonder what people will feel when it's like 80% rise in pump, well I must confess I enjoy the steempower rise too in payout @exyle, what do you think?

Hi Exyle. It is good to see a pump as we sometimes lose sight that we are earning these coins from posting and commenting. Hoping it stays like this for a week or so. It is expected to drop again before a big rise so the bigger picture is looking healthy. Smart selling SBD for cash and maybe buying more Steem in a few weeks time.

It was a great night for Steem, I don’t know if the price will last, the volume is still too low for the whole market, my bet is that the 20k satoshis is considered a floor for Steem right now, I‘m waiting for lower lows to buy some more Steem Power, I guess I will stay on the edge with some fiat for now.

Nice pump indeed! 25% roughly in a day is fantastic but like you said...Enjoy it while it lasts LOL

My plan never seems to change when it comes to creating content but I've been watching how you have been talking about the hedging etc during the down trend.....Appreciate the tips for sure!

As for Steemit...New day means new content from me...25% bump or not ;)

Hey @exyle - good to see a great big smile today. Enjoy the day and hope Brazil get a result for you and your family. I buy SBD and STEEM.....if you would like to avoid transaction fees.... we can talk about a method where I could buy SBD from you - are you on discord to text chat? I can promise you it would be fast, frictionless and stress free - and you would be helping a fellow Steemian!


Thanks for the offer man, but I'll stick to to my regular ways for now.

What a great recovery for Steem, more than 25% gains in a single day is truly unbelievable.

It was about time that this thing bounce. I was waiting to invest in Steem around $1, because for me this is a bargain price, but I am glad that it went up big time.

It is actually a progress, I can say, if it can pump more than it present price then we will all have a course to smile and more activities will spourt fort

That was s nice steem pump to boost the confidence of fellow steemian and also to build the hope that the market will soon continue in a bullish run this week @exyle

Thanks for sharing your insights!
The fun's over when you exit the roller coaster...

This is a very good news for all steem worker . Really so helpful and useful update .

Thanks for sharing @exyle
Upvote you .

I love that smile! I just hope this rise will continue to be progressive so that once can accomplish at least some of the plans lined up for long.


thanks , your sharing .

This is really very good news for steem lovers and steemit community😊😊😊

Let's enjoy 25% rise of the single day...I think now people will stop criticizing Steem.

Thanks for the information #exyle

yap lets hope it will pump up more or at least will stay here... Because my Free School project is really relying on steemit community...

I'm a noob and I was amazed to see my account is now valued at $16+ when in fact it showed $11 the last time I checked it. 😉

I guess a little faith can move mountains.

I'm a content creator ofcaurse I am and will make my content no matter how low STEEM price is.
I feel like Bitcoin will go up soon, but I hope it will drop so that I could buy some more and play with it on BitMEX for example.

Now, @exyle face is happier. :)

Let's just continue and have faith... Our STEEM currency still a baby and have a very good future!

It is great to have the STEEM price pump in a while, feeling good about ourselves in general. I hope the STEEM price will hover in these few days and moon up! Upvoted!

It's all getting a bit complicated for me. Glad you know what you're doing @exyle. Or maybe it's looking after two young kids that's adling my brain! 😂

Whatever. We're off to the beach again. 😁

Hi @exyle, thank you friend, i am very glad to use steemit, *** Steem On ***

Good pump up finally steem touched the low in satoshies and it went like a rocket into the moon

Steem is an amazing currency to invest in because of how well it's fluctuates. And today being it the first day of a new month, it's a pump, so we enjoy the ride😁

Your publication is great, I would like to invite you to my blog although I am new to "steemit" and I hope you enjoy my work as I do yours, Let me follow you. God bless you.

It was a nice pump indeed :-D Hopefully the prices stay or go even higher! Its time to recover!

I enjoyed seeing the green too. And my posts started inching up already too.

Im closer to that 500SP every day!

Great news! I am trying to move as much of my SBD and Steem as I can into SP. Hopefully we can see things continue to move in a positive direction!

I don´t know the special reason behind this pump, but it´s always good to see our baby recovering a littlel bit of its value (in dollars), because the intrinsic value is always growing.

I tried to predict this pump by using some bid bots on my posts, but I missed it by 3 days, damn, feels bad!