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One of the first thoughts when we came to Bali was, we need to clean the beach!

I bet everyone has seen photos or videos on Facebook or Instagram, that Bali beaches are mess! Only now they are in quite good condition, it depends on hotels which take care of the beach they are located, because who would like to stay near the beach full of plastic? But, when the rain season comes and the stream in the ocean is changing, this is when the BAD thing happens.

In this video you can see our favorite beach Nyang Nyang. It's a bit wild and not crowded by people or city life, probably that's why only few people take care of it.

You ask why do we care about it?

  1. We want to enjoy fresh water, air and green nature;
  2. We want to leave a healthier planet to our children, full of jungles, forests, animals and NO PLASTIC WASTE;
  3. We want all the animals that we share our home planet with to have clean habitats;
  4. We DO NOT WANT future generations to ask us why haven’t we done anything to save our only home, EARTH;

Come and join the #steemcleanenvironment, let's make the world a cleaner place. The more upvotes we get, the more we will be cleaning beaches.

VIDEO BY @extremeromance

IDEA BY @extremeromance

MUSIC Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Janglin



Extreme Romance

My video is at DLive


Thank you for making out world cleaner. Cleaning the beach is one of the best things you can do at the beach.
I'm all for the raking of the sand, but there is just so much more trash that isn't easy to spot. The dirtiest places you will find are when it gets a couple meters deep and out of the range of most hardworking people. If you ever want to go the extra mile, organizing a clean up with the local scuba club, or even using a snorkel helps.

We hope that we will have a possibility to clean while we snorkel or go for a scuba dive. We are working hard on this idea and trying to organize more people for beach cleaning days.

Yey! 😀 this is awsome and great to see! Well done to the both of you :) this is what it takes, for us all to do our part to help undo what we have caused! I used to try and convince my friends to come ‘picking’ on the beach with me in England when I lived in Portsmouth:)

The plastic problem in Asia is on another level, I guess with higher populations and it being currently the ‘cheap’ option, it’s just used way too much. In China it was crazy, and here in Thailand in certain areas it really shows :( I was walking through the jungle yesterday to a waterfall and just seeing random plastic bottles where you could never expect them!

Keep on enjoying every moment you two! Ps, that beach looks amazing! Lovely sand and water :) it must be cool to see some waves too!

The amount of plastic always makes us feel very sad, so once i a while we wake up and spend a day doing something good and useful. We hope that more and more people will do same activities.

Awesome work!

(1) An excellent video with a a very serious message to human being to keep a cleanliness drive especially for beaches and if this will not be done now then our beautiful ocean is going to be dustbin down the line.

(2) You both are really looking cute and with that promo-steem tag, you have made a mark in steem blockchain.

(3) God bless both of you for this noble job and I wish both of you stay as lovely as in this video to each other forever.

Thanks a lot! WE really don't our ocean do become bigger dustbin than it is now and we would to see it clean of all the waste. We truly need to wake up as soon as possible and start acting.

I always ask myself who can litter on such a beach, is it really that hard to hold on to your rubbish and throw it away?

In Spain we have an idea of every time you go to the beach try to pick up 3 pieces of rubbish, is everyone does so, beaches will be nicely maintained and better for everyone. I have to say we are pretty good most of the time, if somebody sees another person littering, they will shout over and tell them to pick it up!

It's not only rubbish that people are leaving on the beach. Most of it is brought to beaches by tides. There's simply so much waste that is getting into the ocean and is being brought back to us.

it's too bad that governments don't seem to care about the pollution. If every country employed people to clean up the beaches and put effort into recycling, waste reduction, and responsible disposal, the world would be a much lovelier place for all of us. Thank you for doing your part to clean it up, though!

A couple weeks ago, I went to my favorite isolated waterfall and, becuse of recent storms, there were some big pieces of cable and refuse at the base. It was a trick to pull that up the steep, rocky path.

It is a great initiative, I am excited to find people with that environmentalist spirit, these videos will certainly help that many begin to think that they are doing to our planet, are an inspiration, Greetings from Colombia :)

Thank you! That is the whole purpose of this activity. Hopefully more people will spend some time cleaning our beautiful nature. Together we can achieve everything.

Yes raise all the everyone for make a better world, count me friends good day

Thank you for your work keeping our planet clean.. great videography..

Hello, very good initiative to clean Bali, if each of us took that initiative, we would have a better world, congratulations

That's absolutely true and that's the reason why we are trying to spread the message.

Hey guys you are doing great great job you know why because nobody like mess place, Hats off you @extremeromance

Thanks a lot! We hope to spread the message so more people would do similar activities.

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