in #dlivelast year


Well I had this instrumental 🎶 for some days now and I got inspired by a new idea from the meme contest but I was so lazy to write the raps I could only put down the chorus... But this morning after the boss DIMIMP made his post and i saw my viral videos all over I got a different vibe and I did this song this morning with another song which is also a boom 🔥 as usual and I decided to make a video for this particular song... So here you have it the full track will be coming soon... Emmy Capable 💯

My video is at DLive


Thats some cool rap flow man

Your boy is loyal...

The rap is dope. Steemjet all the way.

For life bro.. We go Pepe them 💯

That's a nice vibes.

Nice rap man

Mehn this is rap sounds so dope, nice one brother

You na my boss... I still de learn work from where you de

NICE ONE CAP.................