Different Blockchains for Different Purposes

in dlive •  3 months ago


I have recently come to understand that different blockchains will exist, each with self-selected communities who put their faith in whichever protocol creates the most game-theoretic value for them and whose constituents must balance the multitude of self-interested behaviors that drive humans.

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I also think that there will be many successful "crypto-assets". It's certainly not a winner-take-all situation. Though, it is still difficult to tell in advance which of these assets are worth getting now and participating in.

I also think that connecting with people and participating in the social aspect of crypto may be just as important (or more) than holding the assets.

Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts on this.


Damn, im sorry I didn't respond to this. I was going back and uploading this video to youtube and then i saw your comment.

I am very skeptical about the ability of many of these crypto assets to accrue any sort of significant value over the long term. It is my belife that there will be a very very select few (maybe 1-3) with a power law distribution of 70-20-10. I think 99.9% of the assets will go to 0. The only one I feel confident on at this point is bitcoin. maybe Z-cash. but we are still very early, and it is hard to know.

thanks for your comment as always, matthew!