Reverse Engineering the Sale (Entrepreneurs must watch!)

in dlive •  3 months ago


This video is a must-watch for anyone who has or is trying to build their own company. In this video, I synthesize a lot of information, ideas, and lessons I have learned during the short amount of time I have spent in the business world. I talk about my strategy (maybe share a little too much) but I strongly believe that every business operator ought to start thinking about how they can "reverse engineer the sale." this all starts with an understanding and profiling of your potential customer.

also, if anyone has any other ideas or suggestions for me surrounding this topic, I am very interested in your feedback!

Thank you for your time and attention, see you in the comments!


My video is at DLive

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I am going through this process now with my business idea. It is difficult to get inside potential customers' minds and understand their pain points and what motivates them. Not easy.

Thanks for talking through some of your thought process with your business.