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in dlive •  4 months ago

made some designs today for the Dlive logo contest.

DLIVE typo
the color yellow
containing the Ninja in any way
100% original logo

additional information:
the new Dlive will have a Day/Night mode

So luckily I found a Ninja model in my personal object-archive which really speeded things up.

Here are my results after 3h in Cinema 4d

Dlive day


Dlive night 1


Dlive night 2



After the creative work was done I tried to participate via the links provided in the contest post, but even if I am logged in on Dlive and hit the blog button I am NOT logged in the blog and it says sign up. long story short. I fucked around for another 3h for meeting senseless requirements like providing a PDF !!! on another site together with my email adress ???? to answer and post on another third party blog platforms (discuss) where it is not possible for me to login with my steemit account. Requirements like posting it on Twitter I refuse to comply because I am not your social media promo guy. Nobody tells me to tweet or what to tweet.period

I hope you like it. If you like it give it a thumb up

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These are some killer logos! You do some serious dimensional work!

Yeah, I did a blog post about the disqus thing for my followers, tried to warn the dlive team, but they seemed surprised that I would think to warn people that the voting platform is a non steem system.

What can we do, the team is from a social media background it seems.


why the hell login via google+ for the Dlive blog, when I am logged in Dlive with my Steemit account. Just makes no sense.


Well, technically speaking, their blog is not connected to steem, nor the dlive.io site. So your steem logins will never work there.

I think I know what they were thinking, that users outside steem were those that needed to be appealed to. While we steem users were obviously the first to hear about dlive, they have a lot of systems in place that show me that they care more about 'normies'.

In the end that may be smart, everybody else is a bigger pond than steem users. But I do think they could have been a little clearer in their steemit post about the fact that they were leading us to a third party site with third party logins.

Ironically, disqus is a centralized,non-tokenized version of what steem is trying to do, a 'plugin' that will let you vote with one account, everywhere on the web (that has the plugin installed.

They have chosen their strategy! What we do is up to us, I'm along for the ride at least, and I try to chip in my two cents along the way haha. It seems that rendering awesome 3d animations is your contribution!

Excellent creativity for dlive. Just excellent work. Carry on.

I love the night mode version 😊 the best of luck!

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Wow - Excellent 3D Dlive logo with impeccable creativity. Good work!

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Upvoted.... Nice work

Wow, what software did you use to create the graphic image logo?


you find the answer in the last picture of the logo-design :))


It is Cinema 4D


You are my new hero.

i had my Birthday on the 26th

Great designs! I liked the daytime a lot!

Oh! its a killer post!

Hey! that's a really cool process. I don't know nothing about working with 3D software. But as you I designed a proposal for Dlive.

This is the link of my post if you want to take a look.


This is a animated alternative version of it

This is really well done. It almost looks like its going to move.