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I pretty much invested my live savings (60k) into STEEM January 2017 when price hit 12 cents ... If steem goes bye-bye I would need to start making android apps again for shitty bosses ...

It's here to stay ... community is most important and we have dedicated ppl that will NEVER powerdown

not only that, but the STEEM blockchain is the BEST one and no others can compete with it ... World adoption can actually happen with STEEM ... you can't do that with bitcoin

I thought there was going to be a funeral the next day ... that dude was squealing like a pig ... lol

It's been snowing like crazy over here so I've just been staying indoors ... oh wait, I do that anyway ...

Much love to all Colombians! good peeps

Einar, have your roommates been behaving?

Probably b/c he's a phony

The world is a crazy place

we have more phonies than real ppl

I never got Dubay to reply to any of my comments EVER ... but you on the otherhand ... are actually human and communicate

babysitting my daughter right now :)

Yea, that's fine

she's 14 months old ... srry I had to refresh the screen to comment

We will get through this together buddy

nah brah ... been super busy past week ... will do tonight tho

Antonio Manuel Ferreira

yessir ... Saludos amigos!

later bro! :)

kas see ei peaks olema ''BEST LIVESTREAM IN HISTORY OF MANKIND''

Einar, you can actually pronounce my last name 😀

bitrate ilmselt liiga high, sest mul igatahes ei lae streami ära

Mul sama lugu,ei lae ära

I need beers ... I'm all out ... sigh :/

Kahju,ma lähen siis magama ära.Fuck it!

My brother is manny ... and anthony is an Italian name ... I'm Dominican homeboy! Antonio should do :)

Don't focus too much on the price or you'll go crazy ... that's bad for the psyche

You said God was calling you there ... so you must trust he has the solution ...

Def not super rich ...

Kohe tagasi live, internet nussis

life savings*

Refresh page if you cant see me

I don't trust Eric Dubay

Einar sa oled üli hot kui sa niimodi tantsid

I know how this stuff works under the hood ... and I understand it's value ...

Einar, have you played the new South Park game? I think that would a great game to stream ... it seems very fun and entertaining ...

so wait ... twitch treats you like shit but you want to continue doing business with them? Hmmm ... maybe I should be taking notes ... 😜

mul läheb alati tuju heaks kui näen einari tantsimas

hakkan ise ka tantsima

But, you're still giving them your unique content for FREE ...

mic = muted

Tsau einar

Ma tegin kunagi steemit postituse su flat earth teemast ja saatsin sulle fb-sse

kas on live praegu?

pilt on must