Python | Learing how to code

in dlive •  2 years ago 


Yes i know i am very bad at it but i started yesterday and i would like to stream it so maybe some of you might help me and give me a few tips. I hope u can at least enjoy my stream a bit cuz bare with me im very bad....

My live stream is at DLive

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you can try that later after the stream. so what was your question?

good job....

im about to start haha sorry but if u know the basics u will hardly learn anything



visual studio code is a good choice 😉

your voice is really quiet. if you can make it louder that would be nice

yeah way more better

if you have some questions about general programming then ask me. i am a software developer over 15 years.

i would recommend to make the text bigger. you can do this with CTRL + PLUS / MINUS

yeah tahts nice 😉

never learned python. so its new for me too 😆

why do you chose python?

yeah i know what you do. its easy because the most things are the same but written different

you can stream visual studio code as a windows source. that should work

ok i will try it on my end. maybe i find a solution

found a solution: Disable hardware acceleration for VS Code by starting it with "--disable-gpu" parameter. Might reduce performance.

good job?

you have an intregrated terminal in visual studio code. its the right tab in the bottom part

i think you need first the python interpretor and then the file behind it

like other script language as javascript

yeah that sounds better

now navigate your terminal to the right place of

it tells you that you cant do a mathemathic algorithm in the ( )

do the calculation before and save the result in a variable, then use the variable and convert the type

try the calculation of the year without the str() function

the file has not changed

its the old one that you execute

dont use space in files. it make it always harder. use _ instead

if you set you in discord to the "red" status then you dont get any popups

the problems are the types

maybe all the variables are of type "string" and you have to convert them first to "integer"

because the error message tells your the the minus operation is not supported for this type

you wanne talk in discord over voice so i can help you a little bit?

its hard in chat