Live Modular Synth Memorial Day DLIVE DANCE PARTY

in dlive •  6 months ago


We are gonna modulate, celebrate, ruminate and instigate during this DLive modular synth set. I'm working from the same patch as last night's stream, but with an entirely different setup in the quantizers for (hopefully) a pleasantly melodic holiday dance party jam! At least, that's where the ship is pointed ... I've got the Nerdseq in the mix now and am hoping to be able to improvise some melodic constructions on the fly. A copy of the Nerdseq bassline information is being summed with the sixteen step Rene sequence for the main arpeggiator, so we should be getting a ton of interesting generative phrases as the patch evolves!

My live stream is at DLive

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great stuff


Thanks @skreeza! Stoked you got to check it out.

super dope man. this is sick. ive always been intrigued by a modular setup, but have to do with reaktor blocks for now lol


If you start wanting to dip a toe in, the make noise 0-coast and moog mother and both fantastic starting points and are mostly self contained. Beyond that, muffwiggler forums and are where you can best plan your own financial ruin. = )