"NIGHT WATCHMAN" - DLive DNB Modular Synth Performance

in dlive •  8 months ago


I've been consuming massive amount of drum and bass lately in an effort to more broadly understand the various disciplines of electronic music I might be able to work within on the modular synth. For last night's experiment, I cranked the bpm up to 180 and got incredibly wiggly with the Basimilus Iteritas, creating a pretty rad glitched out "drum loop" (it does not resemble anything close to a "drum") ... and put most of my performance energy into triggering a series of chorus arpeggios to give the piece a direction to move towards. The Make Noise Rene is at it's heart a sixteen step sequencer, but the ability to put your fingers on the pads and reduce your sequence to an arpeggio of only a few notes makes it a performance necessity in my mind. The fact that all the voltages of each step are locked in also ensures that I won't be throwing any out of key clams into the mix in the middle of a complicated arrangement. Furthermore, here I"m using it as two independent eight step sequencers ... the main "verse" melody is the minor bit on the bottom half, and I'm manually triggering the inclusion of the major notes for the choruses.Add Erbe-Verbe, get cinematic, profit. Pretty simple, but ultimately very gratifying sequencing hyjinx.

Otherwise it's a mountain of incredibly fast, totally improvised polyrhythms blasting forth from the Trigger Riot, and that's just how I like it. Get lit up.

My video is at DLive

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Sometime I put a question mark next to the genre of the track like this: DNB (?) SO if a purist stop by saying this is no real DnB I can still turn the situation around and make that troll my bitch. I see you use caution and a technique similar to mine, which confirm once again your excellence. Hope you are doing well and wishing you a great weekend bro.


Hahaha yep, all the this. = )

Weird timing, I’ve just been listening to a load for the first time in ages today!


Nice! I originally put DNB (?) in the title because the only real DNB thing about it is the tempo. I am a cybernetic electronic genre fail.