DLive Music — It Just Might Get Crazy.

in dlive •  11 months ago


If you are lucky, I might play some Gucci Gang. Otherwise, I'll just be chilling here with the guitar or banjo, or maybe sitting on the ceiling.

Come on in!

My live stream is at DLive

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yeah its crazy

i see youuuu :D

Hello from the city of Braila

Needing to hear some good music while I am finishing up my work day.

@drkent here is it ! @unacomn my colleague who's living in Braila :)

sing about Braila :))

Lots of things have changed. The old parts of the city are falling down, the new ones look nicer. And we're getting a bridge over the Danube in 3 years.

Well, the Danube goes to the Black Sea, so we're close.

Yeah, that's the Traian Hotel, right next to the Danube, it's still one of the highest buildings in the city.

nice hair

That was very nice.

We still have those potholes.

lmao haha 100 steem backed dollars that was legit

hands in the air everyone !

we need "reaction buttons" for livestreams like this !

Rocking it as always @drkent! :)

good haha i can't believe u got that in there

Jimmy's always asking for Gucci Gang

He needs help

lmao no i dont hahaha

That would require him to take a shower

I want to see a drkent version of marshmellow - silence ft. khalid

Oh believe me, any vlogger would switch their selfie mode talking skill to the set of your skills, that is for sure. hahah :D

i wanna hear you get down singing it too

Hello doc, how are you? have a nice stream

👍👍 #Fresh I have to go back to work but keep killing it!

i don't know how u do it, what do you listen for when you start playing?

that was sick

nahhhhh SILENCE and play guitar or something

the dick song? WHAT LOL

i want the remastered drkent version of silence

@redjepi incoming, so u can play him that song next

Here now :)

Really enjoyed that

Hello, have a nice stream

don't forget to upload it on dlive if it doesn't by itself this livestream !

Anything by Tom petty

RIP Tom Petty

Next up Hurt by Johnny Cash

Maybe chris cornell's billie jean? Mj cover?

How young were you when you started playing?

Can't pick that with a White glove on........ Or can you?

Anything by Roy Orbison😜

great stream, like / followback mine too pls <3

Lol... Banjo moon walk..... Just what kinda Doctor are you?

Ram Jam Black Betty + banjo would = amazing

This really should have had a banjo on the original recording

I had no idea that was the tune they used in the Rayman Legends run ✊✊✊✊

that part is a little crazy....sorry


Gr8 job DrKent

sorry I hope this wasn't too troublesome of a request! Love this song reminds me of my old man haha

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absolutely loving it!

yup yup

ahaha okay!

I man not like country however no matter what the music is. Every music genre or song has a time and place.

I used to not like country, then I met some peeps that played it REALLY well. gained a respect

My electric isn't made anymore - was an company called Westone back in the early 90's

And an acoustic Ibanez..

I can dig this. I don't mind political movements, as I always love songs like A Change is gunna Come by Sam Cooke

Good to see u doc !! Keep spreading the good vibes !!!! Go go dr kent go !!!

oh really? Man I love Sam Cooke, otis redding, al green, barry white, marvin gaye. Hot damn

Here is a good picking tune.... Jim Croce time in a bottle

DAMN how could I forget bill withers! I will request a song by him next time!

Haha okay I'll dm you some tunes to play next time!

I gotta run, but thanks for the tunes! till next time mon ami aurevoir!

Lovely day bill withers

Adios amigo !!

I played all the brass back in high school

Tuba French baratone bugle trumpet

Trombone kicked my ass never mastered it

I wish ... Woodwinds are sexy.

Jerry Raferty Baker street

be sure to check my dm on discord please Brother !

A sexy saxaphone song

Cheesey? Like melted girls

Lipps Inc - Funky Town With guitar will be funny agahaha

Now that's cool

hi kent 🤗

haha - yeah... Funky Town on da Banjo!

you know how germany is 😂 fu... cold man. i am getting in my warm bed now.

George Clinton!

Yeah thx doc !!! I live barcelona yes

My lady sang funkytown at a talent show when she was little. lol

Is this something for you? The Cardigans - My Favourite Game