WE ARE ALIVE — On Living the Creative Life [My TEDx Talk, Decentralized]

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Around the tubes down his throat, he mouthed three words to me: "We are alive." 17 years ago today, my life changed forever.

Filmed in 2013 at TEDxSBU, this is the entire decentralized TED Talk that I delivered about taking creative risks, valuing life, and doing something that matters.

I have decided to decentralize this speech I gave. Twenty thousand people have had a chance to watch it on YouTube, and most of those have been exposed to a commercial on that network. The words and images are mine, and the recording was streamed live on the Livestream network, as well as on the TEDx website. The edited version has been available for nearly five years, and is available with a standard YouTube license. I believe this is fair use, but I'd be happy to have a conversation with you about that.

While I am very grateful for the TED corporation, I just don't want people who are watching my story to be exposed to unrelated advertising; the profits from which go to a private corporation.

A few quotes from the speech, in case you want to skip around:

0:11 "We hit that tree with the sound of lightning."

0:37 "My dad had a decision to make. If he went one degree to the left, I would probably be dead today."

2:13 "His eyes blinked open, like he was seeing the light of day for the first time."

2:27 "Then he said three words that I'll never forget: 'Are we dead?'"

4:08 "He said another three words that changed the rest of my life. But he said them around two-inch tubes that were going down his throat to keep his lungs inflated. He mouthed to me, 'We are alive.'"

4:45 "I blinked my eyes open that day ... and I've devoted myself ever since – and for the rest of my life I devote myself – to things that matter."

10:38 "Don't die before you're dead. Don't settle."

14:13 "All of the amazing things you've done – they make up your wingsuit. So, when you're standing on a metaphorical cliff, looking out over the world, you don't have to worry, because this wingsuit is there... You can fail, but you're not going to fall. You've got this wingsuit underneath you. Leap!"

16:54 "Creativity can heal us. Creativity can inspire us every day to blink our eyes open – it inspires me to get out of bed in the morning."

17:08 "Listen to your own music as if you've never heard it before."

Let me know what you think about decentralization, life, creativity, death, and anything else.

Take good care, and catch you on the flip side.
We are alive!

My video is at DLive

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Thanks for sharing your story. ^^;

Beautiful .. wonderful words
What one needs is a real goal for his life
Well done, for more creativity

Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad you made it out alive :) So much to be grateful for in life.

Thank you so much @karensuestudios! I really appreciate that you watched. I'm very grateful :)

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I too am excited about crypto currency and blockchain techniology.
I suffer PTSD and the freedom given by applications like this have made my life so much better. I'm into crypto for the long term and because it can change peoples lives..
Its the revolution but its going to be a long haul until everyone is awaken from their slumber........

There are many lessons to learn from this. :) I'm glad that this reached almost top in Trending and that @jerrybanfield is resteeming this. <3

Kent thank you for adding this talk to @dlive! I will resteem soon after enjoying the original YouTube video!

Thank you very much, my friend @jerrybanfield! Much appreciated.

Your story is inspiring and full of heart. We all have dreams but most times lose the heart of the dream and then it fades away. Thanks for sharing. And it must have been a great accomplishment to be on TED. I don't know you but you are the first person that I have this close proximity to that has been on a TED talk. That must have been such an acheivement. I am glad that you are part of the steemit community. Thank

Thank you so much, @jackie2017! I really appreciate your note. I'm glad you're here, too! We are alive :)

I am beyond thrilled that you and your dad are alive.

Thank you so much for making your TED talk available to all of us here on steemit; it was so powerful. I commend you for taking the stance on life that you have.

Years ago, my now-ex-husband had cancer; the doctors found it accidentally, and if they hadn't, he wouldn't be here today. He had a kidney removed and swore that he was a changed man, so thankful for this second chance. He was no longer going to live at work, and promised to spend more time with his family. My father-in-law, having survived quadruple bypass years earlier said to him, "Don't worry, that will pass". And unfortunately it did.

At the time I was so sad for him, because he was given a wake up call and chose to let it go to voicemail, instead falling back on his old routines...living life with his eyes closed.

I have always lived my life with my eyes wide open and have tried to really touch, taste, smell, hear every single thing throughout my day. I taught high school at a Fine Arts school and was so blessed to be around creativity on a daily basis. And music! It's the best anti-depressant around.

My current husband is exactly like me and we've lived 50 years in our 7 years together. He unfortunately has cancer and the prognosis is poor. We decided to sell everything and move from Canada to Mexico with two backpacks, a suitcase and our cat, and simply live. There's so many people who question our decision and I can't tell you how many times I've been asked, "but what do you do all day?", and they can't understand it when I say things like, "stand on my balcony and feel the ocean breeze on my face", or "float on my back in the ocean and just be".

It really is a sad state of affairs...the amount of people who somehow have ended up on an endless hamster wheel, overworked and wearing it like a badge of honour. They've forgotten how to live, and your TED talk here is a wonderful reminder to so many, to do just that.

Thank you again; it really was wonderful.

Wow @lynncoyle1. What a message, and what a story. Every breath is so important. And living with your eyes open. Prayers and blessings to you both. I’ll be following your journey. 🙏

Thank you so much for that @drkent! We both appreciate that here :)

Thinking of you today and every day. Take good care!

Aww that is awfully sweet of you to say! You and your story are forever embedded in me as well!

This was a great speech! Listened to the whole thing, very heart warming !

Thank you my friend @uhatgaming! :) That means a lot.

Very powerful!!

Excellent video and I am sure you both came away from that for a reason.

Thank you for sharing such a great video and I look forward to your next article!

Followed :-)

Take Care

Thank you @furn01! That means so much to me. I really appreciate it.

That's awesome you did a TED talk, and your story is is a great reminder of the value of our existence.


Thanks @silentdiscourse! I appreciate that. And the gif is great ;)

Yeah, my pleasure. And I'm a firm believer in visual stimulation when trying to express ones self ;P

It was really touching. I learn a lot from it bro. You made a good impression

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Thanks so much @adeyemidrey!

I Love your story, it is incredible you made it out alive. What a remarkable story....We Are Alive. I love the music quote, too! Your banjo playing is wonderful on DLive! :-)

Thank you @clove71! It's always great to see you on my stream. And I appreciate your kind words. We are alive.

Thank you for sharing great story about struggles and success. Please continue to motivate people like me to never stop and give up with our dreams and goals.

Feed us up and share your wisdom as we find strength to fight against negativity of this world. God bless!

Absolutely @dante01! We've got this one life, my friend.

Thanks for sharing your story :)

You are welcome! Thanks for watching :)

Really, really good speech. You have been selected by a @dunite team member to get a 100% upvote and you have also been resteemed. Much love ! keep up the great work and content brotha.

I love @dunite :) Thanks, guys!

Thank you Kent for adding this on here..I think I had watched this in YouTube before!

@drkent I already watched it on Youtube. And i got goosebumps. My experience was the other way around, i was not surviving when i wanted to live. I did survive when i wanted to die. I could not do this, i couldn't end it, I had not tried everything in this life, so there was room to overcome illness, fears, panic attacks and depression. Sometime you have to go all in, and life is definitly worth the bet, as there is nothing to lose and all to win, when you once gave up.

Wow! Deep story, Dude! (@drkent) :)

Thanks my friend @kentzz001!

great story. inspired me a lot brother @drkent



You are very talented in that regard,
Today your post is included in the trending category.
Good luck always @drkent

This is totally a breath taking, many had such but they die with it, I wander what judgement they would be facing now,,.lol
Now appreciation goes to you that have actualised your own, which you didn't went on relegation no matter the challenges

Thanks for voting us , we will upvote each other and God bless us.

At some point in my life, it was almost taken from me. There's this instance too that I, myself, wanted to end it. Yet, i held on to life. Up til now, I'm still holding on to life and its beauty . Living life to the fullest, regardless of the circumstances it brings.

A story that really inspires and motivates us to be better and this story can be very useful, and help people to be better. Thank you for sharing your story @drkent.
BEST REGARDS @airil280708

Your story our creative.

appreciate you to share this with us

I am so deeply touched, I almost bursted into tears. 4:45 "I blinked my eyes open that day ... and I've devoted myself ever since – and for the rest of my life I devote myself – to things that matter." You are the perfect message I needed to hear today, and why I need to continue doing the things I do, to talk about things that matter in Life. Having been diagnosed with leukemia back in 2014, here and now, these are my exact words - "I want to talk about things that matter." I am so happy and grateful I have chanced upon you, and to have you confirm that this is why I need to go ahead and do what matters to Me, that is, being of value and reminding others what Really matters in Life.. ,

Thank you. .

Thank you for sharing your story, sometimes we dont even know we are alive until things happen to us :)

Thank you for sharing this incredible story @drkent! Very inspiring <3

The most important lessons in life sometimes comme from tragic/traumatic experiences. Turning these things into positive is what allows us to grow and become a better person!

Wow! this is great,
I wish you more and more success on dlive brother

awesome writing good man

We are alive! I really love it

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hello drkent,,,,,
I follow you because I like your post, your post is very interesting,
thank you

Hello, Thank for sharing your story, very good.

I Love your story, it is incredible you made it out alive

Very cool post , me encanta excelente reflexion

What a great story, life is one and we must live it to the fullest. one day at a time
Sometimes things happen so that we value time and what really matters regards ...

good job

decentralization is the future..keep it up

true, we are alive ... trying to decipher the meaning of life.

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A solid gold read first thing in the morning. Thank you. Yes, I'm alive.

Very intiresting

Very good post, I liked it a lot, I'll follow your publications ...

Very touching TED.
Glad I happened across this Kent.

Thank for sharing your story. I'm glad you made it out alive :) So much to be grateful for in life.

tnx for upvote

Great speech

It's really great, I was just thinking that someone should do a video on this... Awesome! You should consider making a step by step vlog on this for people to be able to follow along with the steps as well as additional ideas you might have. I wish people would think #Steemit through on something you mentioned in this video

That was a really touching talk you did there. Great speaker you are.

I can’t figure out how to load a video lol
Loving this concept and hope I can figure it all out!

Incredible story. Thanks for sharing. I'm new to Steemit, and have a few projects may bark up this alley. Looking forward to more!

Wow...thanks for sharing. This is a great story and thank God u're alive.

Always be grateful. Appreciate little things that is happening in our lives. <3

A good read

Why does life matter? Actually I am struggling at a lot disappointment in most interactions with almost all people in my life and as a result at the shithole of world i came up with: they dont deserve what i do. They don't earned it and about 99% of the people are mean and selfish. So my honest question is, why does life matter for you? No one really want to change, no matter what anyone do. Maybe for short term, but in long term? Could the only reason to be is to entertain and having no expectations to anyone but myself ever? Maybe you got an answer.. Thanks for your talk anyways, it made me a good time and gave me kind of hope that there IS an answer I didn't found until now.

"1 Degree Left, 1 Degree Right." The Tree saved your lives. And you are alive for a greater reason, a bigger purpose.

I also wrapped my car around a tree about 5 years ago now. Thank God I was driving my Volvo S60 then. Any other car, I would have been a goner.

Thank you @drkent for this video. Inspirational.

I'm also looking forward to posting my first DLive Video very soon. I have a talk coming up with the Toastmasters in April, maybe I'll get that recorded :)


Mel @coachmelleow

boss please vote me once let the spirit ... thank you

Listen to your own music as if you've never heard it before hits me deep.

Thank you for sharing and always remain proud of yourself

Oh you 2 are so lucky . Unbelievable we could die in your place
I think that day bring more better future to you. Because of you did changes your thinking and do from this. And your songs is also good . I got feeling from your song. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us

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It's really great, I was just thinking that someone should do a video on this... Awesome! Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad you made it out alive

the main things is our life is creative. so everything what we see ,all are the created by creator. so we can say , we lead a creative life

Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us.

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thanks for this great content



Excellent story...really so amazing....thanks for sharing your good story. i like it.

I like my image please

A very touching and beautiful speech, you are a natural! 100% upvote from me and I look forward to seeing more of you on dlive in the future!!

Thank you so much for the kind words, @rea! I really appreciate it. I was inspired by your posts about 2 years on Steem! :)

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