i have a hard time too lol.

Trying to watch my first game here.

like i've never seen a whole fortnite game. would like to talk as you play lol. it's more fun that way.

just go into any discord and click voice. you need that shit. or at least just narrate a little here. tell me what the fuck you're doing :)

just practice talking is all. it makes you better [makes you think about what you're doing more consciously]. and makes it more entertaining. just hard to get started/when you're alone.

oh you're on ps4. i'm on a mac. both have their limitations. with multitasking comes "machinima" making parts of movies while you're "playing".

i tried yesterday and got like 6 fps lol. but also recording and streaming is a bitch. have to update computer like this week or next. works for video editing fine but not gaming. MAC bullshit.

they stopped fiber a few miles from my house and i'm pisssssed. i could have 100/100. instead i have 50/5. i need UP.

how much more powerful can you get at game start than a noob?

aren't you supposed to kill everyone? you're doing team?

if you play a lot and level up, when you start a new game, are you way ahead of someone who's just started fortnite?

I'm just trying to find more people to chat with on voice while doing other shit. working/designing/gaming.

i really think i want a larger scale "persistent" fortnite. fortnite city states/mmorpg/VR. learning garry's mod shit now.

just the macs. maybe a couple workstations in the pc world soon, have to see. tough business decisions upcoming.

that's some funny shit lol

Hello there! :)

you in any discord atm? voice

it does look fun though. some of the shit in the next ten years as my kids grow up is gonna be so sick.

one day, someone's gonna build a city in a game, and the people who love it are gonna invest so much that they get to build it.

I'm 44. They're 8 and 6. I'm both Young and Old AF. Right in the middle. It's weird. Can fuck up most 18 year olds but not for that many more years lol

I'm doing my own stream still :). Touring other streams. Meeting people. It's an interesting world here. And the designing is of a "game". 5! holy shit.

get discord up soon. we can have some dad talks. and when i upgrade maybe we can play some shit and talk shit at the same time. I work too many hours and need a few to game and chill.

how old? what do you "do"? 5 costs a few bucks lol

Good Shit. That's awesome. Being able to do that is great. Let's get some streams with some background beats. There's nothing like some good beats, a game, and time to "Rap Practice". lol.

That sounds pretty fun actually. I like to make up rhymes [the book is kinda for kids and trying to focus more on the "how" it's all presented to them - rhymes being big for kids]

The key to freestyle is to slow the fuck down. Not force a single line. Take your time. Find the diamond rhymes. etc.

I like to put on some beats, smoke a little weed, and fly high above minecraft, pretending that the world below is a turntable. Also to hook my phone to my bike, play music, and turn so the clouds rotate to the beats. This is a part of my nights writing. Pretty funny doing so while you hide in a bush lol

eh. i practice rap. rap practice. i don't rap.

maybe be back a friend jumped into discord

good you got that nice vote man. good for the kids lol. "extras"

i was gone all that time entertaining my nuts friend from cali. discord can lead to some annoying "listening" sessions. Have a good night.

쉬원한 차림입니다 !!

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