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So, I just came back from being in the hospital for a minor surgery. I am ready to stream some commissions. As you know, I was supposed to be on kidney surgery yesterday but, that was impossible as of now because they noticed my heart valve was around 10 years old and it wouldn't resist the surgery. So, I had a minor surgery to replace that one. And that made my bill go hiiiiigher up.
I had help from a friend of our family! My best friend's dad donated most of the money! I cannot be happier!
But for some reason I feel compelled to pay him back... I have no idea but, i feel like its the right thing to do.

Anyways, I am saving up again. It's not that urgent but it would certainly help my finances come together. Since I do not have a job and I have a family to sustain.

My artistic power can't go beyond selling commissions. Which I have open as I type this.

Chibi: 30sbd per Character.
I can draw you, a character, your kids... anything you want me to! I am very flexible as well.

Hope I can do something for ya' all!

Thankyou very much <3

My live stream is at DLive

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It's okay hehe. I have to save up some much to support my kids. Ill do my best!

you took the initiative not many people would, thank you for showing us how its done!

good thank you!

how amazing drawing, I love it

My personal character with some Dlive stuff! Hehe. For my stream thumbnail. <3

Whoa you are killing it on here, well done! And I'm glad to see your earning so high! You'll have to do tutorials to help others now :)

I hope you are feeling better and your adorable art will help you to stay focused and heal. Keep arting!

Very good!

I was thinking the same @jimmylyin. :)

Hii! <3 Thankyouuuu!!! hehe

Heyy how are you:)

Hello! Im super good! How about you?

İm good thank you! :)

Hello, how are you ? You're doing a lot of drawing beatiful ☺️

Super! <3

You have amazing draw skill!

Awwwhh! Thankyou so much @canburaksimsek !!

Thanks! I do my best! ;w; /

Can you draw my picture too ? :)

I am watching curiously :)

@emrecubukcu I charge 25sbd to draw someone if that's okay with you ;;w;; Saving up to pay bills! hehe

Thankyou! Watching curiously is always good!

wow great stream, amazing art!! have a good day <3 <3 #upvoteforupvote

Haha i will think about it :)

Thankyou @patchnotes !!

@emrecubukcu 😃😃😃😃

Of course! Haha. I'll be here ;3

Ahaha kawaiiii

Pretty cool Work!

super cute!! I can't wait to see the finished piece ^_^

Thankyou! <3

Nice song, im waiting for the final :)

Hi there, great work,I wish I could be as talented as you about printing @drawingly

Awww! Its pure hard work from years! Hehe.

very very good

Nice music

My dear friend @dobartim told me that he will donate 10SBD for you @drawingly

Awww He's a super person! @redjepi !!

I'm sure @emrebeyler will appear as well.

Hope you're feeling better soon @drawingly =P

@imjohnnymills Thankyou! I feel much better... with some meeeeds haha

Amazing work :D I wish the best for you!

cute draws again :)

Wishing you the best, gonna tip you for @dlive being so great to me and my family

@drawingly I hope everything goes well with the surgery

I had a surgery on friday as well. Gall bladder and stones. :/ Luckily my surgery was covered by medical so it's free

Haha! Thankyou!! @mafaldation ! I looove your name haha

good luck and recover soon! :)

Just voted darling. Hope you do great on your surgery!

Best wishes lovely! Good luck <3

@zneeke Oh wow! Did it hurt? :C I know stones hurt a lot


yeah, few times that they moved it hurt a lot.

Gives me shivers to think about it. I had one that was spiky and it hurted SOSO much. ;__; I hope everything went well with you!! <3

Best wishes for you :) I hope everything will be okay

@drawingly htere you go God bless you and for a speedy recovery

Great drawings, keep it up.

Thankyou for the wishes. <3 Thankyou very very much!!

@emrebeyler thank for your support.

Hey @drawingly, sending you big LOVE! 💘

Thankyouu so much guys! <3

I had a kidney scare a few years ago and I completely empathize. Sending you good vibes and going to light up some white sage for you.

You are so #talented! :) Hope everything goes well with the Surgery as well :) Youve got this ;)

Thankyou @intuitivejakob very very much <3

You're so very welcome. Let me know if I can do anything else. I do energy healing and intuitive work. Happy to be a helpful friend if I may.

@clasiktv Thankyou! Everything will be good. <3

@drawingly, @dobartim sent me 10SBD to send you with a note "from heart"

<3 :) #OneLove

you are very beautiful drawing ❤️

<3 He's a very beautiful person! Thankyouuu

your drawing amazing ❤️

Thankyou guys! ;ww; Im so happy you like it!




Hola !!


Hola! <3


Te apoyare siempre !!

Muchas gracias! <3

Just read what you've written in description, I'm really sorry to hear that.

siempre tienes que ser fuerte !!

Thankyou @sarita13 !!

Hi !! :) I give you my support, hope all the best for the futur ❤️

Gracias! Me preocupo mucho.. pero supongo que viene con todo lo de estar en hospitales y eso..

@naruitchi Thankyou so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

this drawing looks exactly like @mro, please send it to me after

@jimmylin Ill upload it when im done <3 Hehe

Hello there! What do you draw for us today?

Holaa 💟 i am sending to you best wishes:)))

Hi , you are the best ❤️

Hiii! Thankyouu ! <3

@acidyo, one of the greatest curators on steemit also showed you some love @drawingly :)

Hey there, great drawing skills u have! ❤️

Awwhh! <3 I sawww! Thankyouuu !! @acidyo !!

@drawingly u should sell this drawing to @jimmylin and @redjepi fo 200 SBD ahahaha

@mro , EACH. Hahaha

Great skills! Just keep it up 💪

Wtf you can draw so well.

I can barely draw a stick figure

Its a great idea @mro :p