🎮AOV - Giant Squid Have A New Skin 🎮

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Hello guys, it seems I am addicted when using this role and hero, different from the opinions expressed by others, in my opinion using a tank is a fun thing, because with thick blood, it can interfere with the enemy, intimidate, and create chaos in the team structure they. And I just bought a new skin for this hero, very funny and adorable.
This time, I want to play AOV - Arena Of Valor, a game from this year Asian Games, I'm happy to play this game, the genre is MOBA, trying to destroy the tower and defeat the enemy, its fun, with a cool hero, you must try to play this game.
Arena Of Valor - Mobile
Don't forget to put your comment , down here, and let me know if you have any recommended android game that have a good gameplay!

Have a nice day!

GAME NAME: AOV - Arena Of Valor

DURATION : 20:10


RAM : 32 GB, 3 GB RAM - High/Special version
OS : ANDROID 6.0.1
Application For Recording : Az Screen Recorder For Android
Application For Livestresam : MyCaster LiveStream Android

images (1).png

My video is at DLive


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These are the 1st three of 10 Nei Kung internal exercises taught by CK Chu a Chinese Tai Chi Master out of New York City. I've tried to stream multiple times now, unsuccessfully, and this was the 1st that actually showed up. Now that I know that it's functioning, I will share my Wu Style long form and demo version of a sword form.

are you sure about it?

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