Steemit Open Mic Week 98 - "Respiro" original guitar composition

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Dear music lovers

This is my contribution to this week's open mic. It's an original piece. The first part of the piece is from another original composition.

My video is at DLive

A big thank you to @luzcypher, @pfunk, all the judges for organising such a great music event and other sponsors for their support.

How to enter:

This is my video on YouTube,


To enter Open Mic the first tag must be openmic so we can add you to the See Who Played post and upvote you from the Open Mic trail. That is why it is one of the rules. When you use DLive it becomes the first tag.

I still upvoted you but thiss will not be added to the weekly post.

You are right but I realised that openmic was not the first tag after making the post.
I'll be more careful next time.

angelic sounds much love @donatello sounds like that are very good for a sunrise to fill the soul of harmonia

Beautiful comment, thank you so much for watching!

Great performance! Respectfully following.

You're a nice artist..I'm glad to see your another reprise song,, Especially lyrics is awesome and your creativity alwyes superb,, Very well done and keep moving forward...

que bella canción @donatello me encanta lo que haces... sigue adelante regalandonos tu musica

¡Muchas gracias por escuchar mi música y dejar un lindo comentario!

  • @donatello Beautiful presentation friend. You always put a lot of passion into it, and that's great. Charming piece you picked out for your presentation. It's always wonderful to hear your sweet guitar performances. That's a beautiful breath of fresh air theme. A big hug and a happy day, buddy. That you win the contest.

  • @donatello Presentación hermosa amigo. Le pones siempre mucha pasión y eso es genial. Encantadora pieza que escogiste para tu presentacion. Es siempre maravilloso escuchar tus dulces presentaciones con las guitarra. Ese tema respiro está hermoso. Un gran abrazo y feliz día amigo. Que ganes el concurso.