DLiveRewards | Ask us Anything! Hosting our first livestream Q&A

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We're hosting our Q&A right now! Come ask us anything you wish to know about our project. If you're coming after the stream feel free to watch the whole VOD and leave a comment asking us anything and we will do our best to leave a written response!

You can check our reuploaded stream at DLive


Well I understand it man :) I have been doing the same with my community I love when I see people believe in this :)

Yeah Come On Guys.. :) Get It ON :)


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SO tell me more about the contest guys ;P

I just used several resteem services to spread the word :P

By the way it is He not She :)

It is fine all good :)

Yeah that is the way to do it got to create the best environment first than people will come :)

Count me In guys :) If possible hehe

Marketing is my thing :)

Well I have 13 years experience

yeah Steemit Poets United

new community like yours only 2 months guys :) we are 250 people already ...

I have spent more than 100 sbd on that community guys

I am finally figuring out how to make a self sustainable community

Well guys I love honesty and I am quite straight forward too ...

Well :) I love Your Idea Guys You Deserve It :)

Yeah I know guys :) The future is bright that is for sure !!!

I will share you the idea I have came up with :) it is quite awesome you will like it

Well everyone who does such work deserves to be paid for his work .. after all

I figured out a way for everyone to get paid for their efforts ...

yeah we go freestyle

well can't I join discord guys and talk with you ?

Oh great congrats I have two daughters :) so I know what you mean

I ment the Voice chat :)

Sure guys :) yeah I guess

Wrap it up guys :) It has been an awesome show !!! Thanks !!! God Bless You All. Peace and Love.

Next week 100 people at least

here is 5am so :) don't worry :P

well marketing :P in the works

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