Update | v0.8.0: UX, Fanbase and Language Support

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DLive v0.8.0 Update Log

  • User Experience Updates
  • Fanbase Web
  • DLive.io Language Support
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes


User Experience Updates

Categories and Sub-Categories


If you are new to DLive or have been using DLive for a while now, you should know that User Experience is at the top of our priority list. We did a survey a while back to ask the Community for feedback. A result of this survey was that we required better sorting of live streams and videos. In v0.8.0 we are proud to announce that there are new Categories and underneath those are Sub-Categories.

Edit and Delete Videos


The ability to edit your Title, Description, Language, Categories, Sub-Categories and Tags is now available by clicking on the Edit Video button. Within the edit page you will also be able to Delete your content. Please be advised that these changes will only reflect on DLive and not on the Steem blockchain.

Display Name Changes

With the on-boarding of live streamers from other platforms, the number one complaint was that Guest accounts were unable to change their names. In this release, Guest accounts and Steem accounts are allowed to change their display name once every 15 days. The setting for display name can be found under your Profile page.

Fanbase Web


With the release of our Android Application came Fanbase. This product is still in beta but we limited the release to Android only to continue testing. We are now releasing Fanbase Web. Incase you missed the Android launch announcement, the goal of Fanbase is to have an all-in-one solution for interactions. You will be able to connect with your community, grow your brand and increase engagement.

We encourage everyone to get involved and try Fanbase. This feature is still in development so if you encounter any issues, please report them to us. You can report bugs using Discord or the Help Center.

Language Support


We would like to thank everyone who assisted in the translation project for both DLive.io and the Android Application. The ability to change the language of the site is available beside your profile avatar.


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Thank you for the update.
However, there is one request for modification.
korean(조선말) -> korean(한국어)
The Korean word means " 한국어"

@danbain, thank you for your feedback.

Repair one more plz....

This is an interesting idea!

nice to see such type of progress in dlive....
love this platform..

Keep up the good work brothers, you're doing great to the steemit ecosystem. Cheers!

I hopped on dlive when I got home and was like "I have no memory of this place" kidding .
But I noticed right away the UI had changed and thought it was awesome to see the hard work at improving the platform going well. Keep it up, long live dlive!

Thanks to Dlive for these new updates.

Coooool! The subcategory is cool. The 12 languages scare me a bit but still cool hahaha LOLOL ❤❤ 2 hearts for the update!

Thanks to Dlive for these new updates.

The new update is really awesome, it has many different languages, very convenient for the non english speaker nations.

yes very convenient for non english speaker

I have been following your blog and writing very well. I hope we can be friends! OK? I also hope that you can pay attention to me and cast a valuable vote for me! thanks again! @zero12345

this is great men! nice! keep the innovation and i swear this platform will be known everywhere!
trust me because i see a future for this platform

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#AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Dlive

#UPDATES Keeps on Coming <3

I am loving this new design, Now I understand why Dlive pass so long time without cast any vote today... Working hard in your side... Gz, continue the excellent job mates.

Please update your application,we want live on mobile app

Yes!! An Android app would gross a boat load of money!!

Finaly Language Support for German . How can i invite someone to my fanbase ?Or how can someone join ?

In your Fanbase you can either copy & paste the link in your address bar, or in the Fanbase there are options to invite people & it'll give you a link to share.

Dlive is the best for me stream my game i love @dlive

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thanks. Great changes

Thanks for this update !! So now we are waiting for mobile app update

Yes this is what I like to see , well done @dlive

excelente e interesante publicacion gracias por compartir amigo

If that's not absolutely mega? I am happy every time an update comes. Thank you @dlive

Awesome! Thanks @dlive for your great project. We love you!

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Really grate update, its a little bite similar to DMANIA but each improovment is a victory right ? Congrats


This is awesome!

Excellent work guys! So excited to try the new features.

Good Job DLive!

I logged on last night and saw this. Great work!!

Man, this is what you called @dlive FEVER!
Co0l Update here guys! Stream On! :D
In @dlive we LOVE! :D

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it's really a good news for us.
It's will more easy to use.
I appreciate it... 👌👌
go ahead @dlive

we appreciate tooo

That is great. Congrats and thank you @dlive.

I love it ♥♥♥♥

A very interesting and great idea greetings

very good sir nice post

good information keep sharing such post broooo

So interesting

Please I need you to check my blog, may be the dlive I posted need an adjustment cause this is my second time of posting dlife and no upvoting yet. I will be greatful if you can do that for me.

Great updates thanks @dlive !👍👍👍

I hope one day we can live stream from our smartphone :D

This is in the works!

Very glad to hear it Jimmy :D
Awesome work :D

Theres a problem I just had in that You cant pre watch or preview the video before its sent and posted. once I posted it and checked it , the video I loaded did not play, so I had to delete fro DLive then delete in steemit as well after promoting my DLive post. on steemit , this happened twice in a row . it all looked good untill I went to watch the video, it did not play at all.

Thanks for reporting this @karenmckersie, we know of this issue and it will be resolved shortly.

Glad to hear it ! thank you for your kind reply bavk and the info.!✌👍

Magnificent @dlive. More opportunities for everyone. Other categories and other languages. I love it.

Brother, I have upvote and commented to you. Please make me upvote 1. You will not have any harm in it. But for your sake I will be much benefited so please, please brother just 1 upvote me..please ... please..please ..

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Nice update. :D

This is twice now my video did not load and wont play !? I dont want to erase it in steemit again then my page looks bade as I cant delete it there. plus I have only gotten an upvote from DLive when I first posted 10 videos ago !? im just wondering if you are not upvoting right now and doing maintenence on the system!? thanks!👍✌
Edit : It just started working now!

Wow im again in dlive material! :)

Why use this account and not YouTube? convince the superiority ...

Que tiene de especial Dlive que no lo sea youtube?

Porque tengo que dejar Youtube para empezar en Dlive?

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