Update | v0.7.2: Refer a Friend and Earn up to 300 STEEM, Legacy Stream Server Retirement and Bug Fixes

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DLive v0.7.2 Update Log

  • Refer a Friend
  • Retired Wowza Stream Servers
  • Chat Moderation
  • New Login and Sign Up Pages
  • Fixed Email Verification Bug
  • Fixed Profile Edit Bug

Refer a Friend

The Refer a Friend Program is a way for you to invite your friends to DLive, build your fan base and have the opportunity to earn STEEM at the same time. This program will end on Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 11:59pm PDT (Friday, June 15, 2018 at 7:59 am CET). The winners will be announced on Friday, June 15 and the rewards will be paid out on Saturday, June 16.


Program Details

Start inviting your friends today and earn your share of a 250 STEEM reward pool. The reward at the end of the program is calculated based on the amount of users you have invited, that meet the minimum requirements.

Example: 10 users signed up using your referral code, and there was a total of 100 new sign ups during the program. You would be rewarded with 1/10th of the reward pool (25 STEEM). If you are in the top 5 list of users with the most referrals you will be rewarded with an additional 50 STEEM.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Invitee must be registered through the referral link.
  2. If the invitee is a guest account registered by email, they must have a verified email address and phone number.
  3. If the invitee has a STEEM account, they must have a verified email address and not have signed into DLive previous to the invite.
  4. Each invitee must watch at least 2 videos or live streams, and follow at least 2 users on DLive.
    If the invitee does not meet these requirements they will not be counted as a qualified referral.

To participate in this program you are required to have a Steem account. To start your program, click on the Refer a Friend link on the DLive homepage.

Based on the success of this program, we may continue this on an ongoing basis.


Retired Wowza Stream Servers

Our legacy stream servers (Wowza) are now officially retired. All live streams will now use the DLive Stream Servers.

The recommended settings when using the DLive Stream Servers is:

Keyframe Interval: 2 seconds (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
Video Bitrate: 2500 to 2800
Authentication Needed: No
Encoding: Software (x264) or NVENC H.264
Audio Bitrate: 160
Rescale Output: 1280x720
Rate Control: CBR
Enforce Streaming service bitrate limits: Yes
Encoder Preset: Veryfast
Profile: Main
Recommended FPS: 30

When using the recommended settings above, ensure that your upload speed is atleast 3.5Mbps. If the recommended settings do not work, try lowering the video bitrate but always keep the Keyframe Interval at 2.


Chat Moderation

We have added the ability to blacklist users from your chat room during a live stream. This feature is accessible through your Dashboard.


New Login and Sign Up Pages

The Login and Sign Up Pages have been re-designed to improve the user experience for new and existing users.


Email Verification & Profile Edit Bugs

We have received reports from users not being able to verify their email address, or make updates to their profile. These bugs have been fixed in v0.7.2.


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Visit the DLive website!


Let's cause a buzz.

The refer a friend program sounds like a great initiative to promote not only DLive but the Steem blockchain!

Developments like this and other dapps like Steem Monsters is what's giving our ecosystem more and more value and thus bringing in more and more users, thank you!

That's right! @cryptoeater

I feel like Steemit hasn't hit its mass potential yet but this program DLive is offering sure will generate a lot more traffic to both platforms.

If this was earlier... :P
Already invited to Steem Blockchain over 4k people and bunch as guests accounts including small and big content creators.

I like change @dlive, I like to look to the future. Thank you for evolving every day and thank you for keeping us informed.

It's great idea but it's really a short time to invite sb without steemit account. They need 1-2 weeks to make it so if you invite sb new he might be unable to make this account on time.
Neverless it's really great idea :)

This is the main thinng I was thinking...

Guest account sign ups are included when you are referring your friends.

So am I wrong that they won't be able to fulfill point:"Each invitee must watch at least 2 videos or live streams, and follow at least 2 users on DLive."?
Don't you need an activated account for this?

You can follow users with a guest account, as long as it has a registered email address this will be fine.

Wow thank you man I completely overlooked it!

Quite good way of making money on dlive

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Dlive seems really cool... I was thinking about hosting guided meditations. Would people want to watch these? And can you take videos from dlive and add them to dtube?

Posted using Partiko Android

@metama If you were to broadcast some guided meditations I'm pretty certain if you find a group of people interested in that and showed them your livestream on DLive, no doubt you'll gain an audience from it.

And yes, you can take videos from DLive and upload them to DTube! If it's your content, you can do as you wish.

wow great update! refer a friend program sounds like a good, thx dlive!

I have currently been streaming to the DLive Stream Servers at:

Keyframe Interval: 2 seconds (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
Video Bitrate: 3000
Encoding: NVENC H.264
Audio Bitrate: 320
Rescale Output: 1280x720
Rate Control: CBR
Enforce Streaming service bitrate limits: Yes
Profile: High
FPS: 60

Will I be able to continue using these settings? In fact I would like to increase my bitrate to 3200-3500. The reason being I multi stream to Mixer and YouTube as well via Restream.io and both Mixer and YouTube benefit from higher bitrates.

Yes you are, nothing has changed on the DLive servers. See our help center under https://help.dlive.io/en/article/broadcast-requirements for more infos.


wow nice dlive

Great news. If i had more Steem tokens, probably i'll delegate a lot. Maybe in future :) I don't have any friends, only... familiar faces, so... 😄

Great work Guys! 👍😃

I am participating this contest @Dlive, and thank you for your support on my vidoe at @dlive

Wow, the referral program! Dlive is the beast! LOLOL ❤

Another great update and work by DLive, keep working on it.. thanks

If this refer a friend program annouced a few weeks before, I could have won here! Hahaha! But, still, as a Dliver. Even without this program, I'm still a stick-to-one Dlive user and I could refer my friends to use DLive!
More power @dlive! 😉

That's amazing! @michaelcabiles

I remember you talking about your referrals in the Discord weeks ago, you're a renowned member of the community and I personally believe that's worth more than STEEM right? 😃

You're absolutely right, man @cheech-oz. It's not all about STEEM for me here, it's all about enjoying the DLive Community.😎
And about the referrals that I had asked weeks ago, they were already there and enjoying our project here in Thailand using the #dlivethai tag that we made for our Thai friends here at Steemit Thai Community.😃
There will be more, man. We are still encouraging them not be shy to show their faces on cam. 😁
More power guys! More power @dlive! 😎

Great news about the profile edit bug guys! Ok, i'll be on refer a friend!

I waited for this Refer a friend for quite some time. Even though, I already made one friend to create his account on steemit, and he will come on dlive also.

Thanks @dlive, I was sharing your love via my streams and trying to bring my friends here but now I can do much more. They can help me if they come here and I'm sure I will help them if I introduce them to this beautiful platform.

Thanks for working your ass off @dlive... See you on the other side ;)

Great idea with refer friends. I hope that many people will join :)

wow awesome guys!. my broadcast settings:
Interval 2
2800 bitrate
HQ preset
4.2 high
1080 output
Audio 96
On ryzen cpu & nvidia 1060 6gb.

More or create on demand categories can be a good option. I'm broadcasting programming and my wife start with paintings in a few days.
Thank you for your excellent work guys! ;)

OMG!I have recently registered a lot of people(゚Д゚;)
I will do my best again:)))

Awesome Dlive, keep up the great work. It's impressing how much the platform changed in the last 6 months..
I remember when Dlive just launched, I had so many issues and now everything is perfect.


I am always very happy about how much work you put into DLive. Just a thank you from me.

oh 720p streams is exciting! i'll be certainly testing this out :)

This is almost concluded. I did my best. I hope my referral was able to bring in a few sign ups!

how can i get my referral code?

where did you find this one bro?

https://dlive.io top of the screen - Refer a Friend

@mikeyurnero You can find the button on the left in the header of the webpage.


Or click here!

Lubie ogladac twoje filmiki
Wkoncu jakas postac czy to na shittubie czy na dlive ktory robi concret kontent :)


never liked a referral based system im out for sure :D

Im IN to help guys... For the community I will use always the Dlive...

What settings should be used with a 0.5MBit upload speed (that is the maximum I can get where I live)?


Hi @jimmylin. I hate to put this comment here but I saw that you asked me for verification id a while back and wonder if you know how to help me stop a bot attack from @badcontent. He is in a group @buildawhale and I've tried contacting both, to no avail. He is spamming my channel and I have permission to re-upload the videos I post. If you can help please reply. Thanks.

Hey @tomtomandt, you may want to post a verification video, or a video of the person you are uploading content of, saying that it is okay. I would do that first and try to contact badcontent again, unfortunately I don't know who owns those accounts either. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Thanks for the idea. I will do that. The user who set up the bot is @themarkymark.

I put up a video here and one on Dtube where Gabe asks for anyone to post wherever they have social media accounts. He has thanked me in comments on his website as well.

Excellent proposal to put more dynamic interaction and to include new users, is fantastic.Greetings and a big hug for the whole DLive team

I just try to use and sign up late week, I miss it.
I will do it the best.
Cheer up!

Still I have a problem with verify my email and number phone. No code on email, and message 😒

Hi @kalikalejawp,

Thank you for your comment. Could you please try an alternative email address, and let me know how you get on :)

Kindest Regards

DLive Community Team

@tidylive Great! It's working now :) Thank you

@tidylive Great! It's working now :) Thank you

How can i upload in Dlive ?

Go to the DLive website (dlive.io). Login using Steemconnect, and click on Upload Video.

Thank you, Man, but i have problem to upload with my portable pc (netbook Acer) 1 Go ram, it's don't work ! for Dlive requires 4Go ram work, in my opinion !!

Nice information

I really like the contest idea. DLive has such a better interface (and user experience than DTube). Some of the people I've led to the site though, think it's only for "Gamers". I'm sure, as more content is uploaded, DLive will evolve.

I'm really new to Steemit (just 3 weeks now), and would like to be a part of DLive with my new videos I'm creating.

Thanks for the kind words @transformed, the DLive team really appreciates support and motivation from the community.

DLive really does have a gamer's mentality but content creators can create unsaturated topics and stand out above the rest. It's all about finding your audience, I believe that more than half the viewers stay for the personality of the broadcaster rather than staying for the content.

Also welcome to Steemit! 😃

You're very encouraging @cheech-oz // Just the kind of person I like to follow // I've had a lot of really good feedback on my videos (past & present). Maybe DLive is the place where I can really find my audience and stand out, like you said.

Thx + You're awesome!


This is my "refer a friend" link for dlive.
To support me you just need to log in with your steemit acc.
[or any other choice there is listed] and follow 2 streamers.
I would be very grateful.

Hi, thank you for contributing to Steemit! I upvoted and followed you; follow back and we can help each other succeed :)

Today I will post video in Dlive

Awesome stuff as always! If only I had friends 😂

Steemit is just blowing up. Every couple months the total users, number of posts, and quality of the content goes up. @Dtube and @Dlive are completely changing the game.

give me a referral code

To get your referral code just click on the Refer a Friend link on the DLive.io website.

Thank you DLive for the support and an awesome platform!!!! Keep up the great work!!!! :)

:O pogchamp, that was good update.

So, how does the sign up feature work for dLive? Does it create an account with no steemit wallet attached?

@ddrfr33k, A guest account will allow users to follow their favorite content authors and chat during live streams. Without a Steem account you will not be able to upload videos or start a livestream. We have a comparison chart on our Help Center located here: https://help.dlive.io/en/article/welcome-to-dlive

Thanks for the clarification. And thanks for tuning in last night! That project had been a lot of fun to make, so it's great to see it come together like this.

These were some really smooth updates. Thanks for taking care of the previius bugs in a timely fashion.

This is a good and profitable program. I will try to invite my friends to DLive and will try to get the steem from Dlive. thanks Dlive, may Dlive always succeed.

greetings from @ king-steemit

Hi friend, thank you upvote to my video!

sorry dlive team,
the email verification process is far away from working for me...
I'm waiting now for more than two weeks for a working solution and I can't participate in this promo program just because the verification process is still buggy...
I can't verificate neither my email nor my phone number...
nice weekend to all... ~:-)

Great update, sounds really good!

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