Update | v0.7.1: New Request Feature and Bug Fixes

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DLive v0.7.1 Update Log

  • Enabled Request Feature
  • Fixed NSFW Filter
  • Mobile Streaming Bug Fixes
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes


Request Feature

The request feature that was announced in our update announcement for v0.7.0 is now fully functional in v0.7.1. You now have the ability to send requests to your favorite streamers!

As we mentioned, in our previous update post, you can make requests to live broadcasters that can either be accepted or declined. Each of these requests is bundled with an offering of a reward in either STEEM or SBD with an amount of your choosing.


When a request is made, the offered reward amount is sent to the escrow account, @DLivePay, until the live broadcaster accepts or declines the request.

If the request is accepted, @DLivePay will send the reward amount to the live broadcaster. If the request is declined, @DLivePay will send the reward amount back to the requester.

If a request is made that is neither accepted or declined, @DLivePay will automatically send the amount back to the requester after 30 minutes.

NSFW Filter

The NSFW filter is now fixed. If your content is considered NSFW, we kindly ask that you use the filter. Examples of content that would fall under the NSFW category would be nudity, profanity and violence.

The NSFW filter can be applied when you are starting your live stream or uploading a video. There is a box labelled Age Restriction, if this box is checked it will apply the filter.



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Mobile streaming.... That's possible?!

Mobile Streaming is possible, as long as you have a good LTE connection. We actually have some guides on our Help Center (help.dlive.io). From the update perspective, we had reports of users not being able to watch live streams on their mobile devices, we have implemented a fix for this and it should be working now.

but only watching streams on mobile, not streaming itself?

There hasn't been issues mobile streaming, as long as you have a good connection. The setup on a mobile device isn't quite as easy as on your computer but it's definitely possible.

Cool, looking forward to a tutorial or can you already tell us which mobile app to use.

I imagine a cool dlive hype potential. Imagine the headlines like:

You can now earn crypto with your mobile streams

Thanks for this great update! It seems, streams will be more fun with "request feature" 😜

We've watched a great dab dance performance from @kompela14 today!

Hahahah thank you

hahaha :D Yes jimmy i discovered a new dance.I continue to work on dabbing :D

Thanks for the amazing update sir.Keep it up.

Sweet updates @dlive fam! :)
That request feature is a nifty addition, challenge accepted memes coming! :D

Stay forward to the new feature

Glad to see that "watching" is updated LIVE.
What I would like to see is:
Notification. Like for example if someone is 1st time on your stream once there is a notification, there should be some sort of a switch that they can turn on notifications like e-mail notification (request for them to chose an e-mail).
DLive App with notifications would be the bast so that people could be notified about the stream on their phones.

Automatic posting on Steemit is not a good thing. The reason is that when I want to join an openmic contest, I have to have "openmic" has the lead tag. Dlive will not let me change that. The same on Steemit, in the edit box it will not let you place your own lead tag. When will the profile home page be able to dress up?

Thanks Dlive! Going to NY meetup this Friday.

dlive is an amazing project:)

I think It'll be so much helpful to us. Thanks to @dlive for giving us the best opportunity to improve ourself :-D

The update is great. I like your Request Feature. Thanks to @dlive for constantly updating the new versions to meet our needs. And I also want to apologize to you @dlive for my previous videos, I violated. There will be no such second, I will try to publish my videos in the most sincere way. I'm really sorry for my mistake.

i am pro in nsfw xD

Yes, this is amazing guys. Nice Update!


ah cool... the request feature would make the livestream much more interactive! thanks @dlive

THE BEST!!!! @dlive is a monster! Can't stop, won't stop!

it is wonderfull

oh i had tested and i had not understood the REQUEST, thanks for the information and for the update

I think that this feature will be helpfull to create a better show for the audience! I have a question! How streamer will be informed about request? In chat?
because when I do streams, I turn off entire site, and I leave only pop-up chat for seeing OBS + chat.

Hey @mardax, you will be notified in the "Go Live" Dashboard. You will be able to see your requests and either accept or decline.

Great Changes! / Also a new Category for Streams can be added. Steem/Crypto ;)

Thanks for new update.
Good job team Dlive

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I'm so excited for this feature and the offshoots it will bring in the future! Great work @dlive!

thanks for the mobile fixes

Love this request feature anyone request me to do the anything ;)

nice! awesome <3

Love this Request Feature ~~~~ anyone request me to sing a song for you ~~~ ;p

good update :D

wow. great . I hope this update will bring joy to everyone.
I like so much :
Live streaming fixes.
Now I can watch dlive on my ios mobile device.
Thank you Dlive :))

Thanks for this great update! It seems, streams will be more fun with "request feature" button bro!
dlive is best

I’m still confused. Could someone explain what the request means for live broadcast entails. Yes there is a reward and I understand that but does this take me to another field or category for broadcast?

As a live broadcaster you will see your requests within the Go Live Dashboard, as a viewer you can see the pending and accepted requests if you click on the down arrow in the request box. The whole purpose of this feature is to create a more engaging experience for both sides.

hey @dlive, tools for control chat (moderation) would be great - there is a spammer issue (Off-Chain especially)

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Awesome update. Thanks for fix bug i love dlive. I always stream game in dliVe

Would y'all please post an update as to the IPFS related issues that have been occurring today?

thank you nice work

thats pretty cool to know.....

Great Update! I really love how you are adding this feature. Keep up the awesome work DLive team! :)

@dlive could you tell me what is the secret for uploading videos that will play? i upload a video and it play normally, then i upload 2 more videos and they don't play at all. then i compress the last video more and reupload it and it does not show even a Thumbnail. what is the chach?

Good, you really made is easy now...

This sounds cool

OH MY GOD. this is the best, i can't wait to use this feature. i've got an idea about it.. . ;)

It's good that steemit is growing !

Nice to see Dlive grow like that every day, you make an amazing job guys ! <3

wow its outstanding... thanks for your news...

Thank you for the report! We start a new series today with Steemit relevant "News & Best Of Steemit" and will use your informations in our news later today. We will bring it under the hashtag #stmcnews.

For sure you get your mention and link and all this. We will "just" bring a small introductions in our news and the people can read the whole story in your article.

I just want to inform you, say "thank you" and send some greetings.

Can play live on the phone is interesting

I just found you and this is awesome. I tried to add my blurb to my profile and the save link is broken. Thanks for the app!


I can't use Dlive.
I can't use Dlive. I can't get login username and password. Client23475

In the update 0.7.1 of dlive. OBS software software could not connect with Dlive

Wowza servers are unavailable at the moment. You must update your encoder information with the DLive official stream URL and stream key.

If you need more help, join our Discord channel and ask in the #help-center

Great update guys well done. Request feature is amazing that will shape a whole different level in streaming. These kind of updates will be the reason for dlive to become world's number 1 streaming site, good job everyone.