Thanks for participating our bounty survey! [Join our alpha test]

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Thanks everyone for participating our bounty survey. We appreciate all of your feedback.

Here is the result of the lottery and rewards. The rewards will be sent within 24 hours, please let us know if there are any questions.

We are sending out the bounty based on the rules we announced previously. We appreciate all of your participation and decide to give all participants rewards.

For those who haven't resteemed our post, we will still give out a small prize as appreciation from an additional reward pool ( so the approved users will still get the same amounts of rewards).

Here are the rules:

  1. Resteem this article
  2. Complete the SURVEY fully with no fake answers
  3. Any account with reputation level less than 30 is not allowed to attend.


  1. Following the tradition of Steem, every qualified participant will be rewarded. Eighty percent of the prize will be given to those who win the lottery of great ideas, and Twenty percent will be distributed evenly to every other participant.

So, for example, consider this scenario:

  1. If this post earns $1,000 in total, $500 will go to Great Ideas contributors
  2. We will draw the names of 3 people to split $400 and the rest, $100, will be distributed evenly to the remainder of the >participants.

In order to make a fair lottery, the lottery winners are decided by the python random function and a seed based on the sum of approved participants' timestamp. DLive has no control over the lottery result and no DLive member has participated in the survey.

Congrats to all:

Lottery Winners


Participants with resteem


Participants without resteem


Again, thanks for all of your participation and look forward to having your participation in our next event. We are planning on an alpha test for DLive soon, if you are interested, please join us in our slack group. ( this test will be for around 50 test broadcasters. )


Congrats to the winners! hope i can win it the next time :)

Good Luck! Thanks for your time and support!

Thank you so much. And i am excited with the Beta. I hope I can be part of it. I have been not livestreaming this days saving myself for Dlive eheheheh


saving myself for Dlive

Well it is November.

Yeah let's hope it will come to live soon :D

Congrats all of winners.

Great project!

Three things:

  1. Do you want me to help you guys out by translating to german?

  2. Is there still room in the group of test casters? Would be up to broadcast some Age of Empires II HD games.

  3. Great project guys :)

EDIT: Upvoted this comment for visibility purposes!

Thanks theaustrianguy, we will need the German translation for our future posts, but for this one, we think it's not very neccessary. Would like to have you join the alpha group, please sign in our slack group. You can click this link.

I rather meant your first introduction post ;) Joining!

@dlive I am very excited about the project. I will redeem it now. and have upvoted this.

Nice drawing!

Thanks! You can join our slack group and we will start our beta test soon. We look forwards to your drawing show in DLive!


No worries, we are still in development, so will let you know once the product is ready to ship.

I hope i can win next time :(

Excellent update news @dlive.
Resteem your post.

It's great to hear about update on dlive, but where to find survery to participate ?

It was mentioned in our last post. You can follow us on Steemit, so you won't miss chance for next bounty. = ]

Congrats..upvoted and followed

Thanks for this information

Where can i find the survey? Resteemed

It was mentioned in our last post. You can follow us on Steemit, so you won't miss chance for next bounty. = ]

Interesting information.
Congratulations leaders Steemit.
Will try to work well as our best community representatives Steemit.

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Very good post.
I have Resteem and Upvote your article for progress and forward together.

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Help me pliss🙏 @dlive

good luck..... plez follow and vote me

Nice idea!!
I Upvoted and Followed to enter in other events like this in the future!

Wow! Really wasn't expecting to win, as I am a young account.
Glad that I participated though. I'm definitely getting on the beta.

Thanks Dlive. Your project is going along nicely.

thanks for participating! congrats!

Congrats to the top 3, anx Thanks to @dlive for awarding me has part of the resteemers...
Thank you all

oh no, I just notice that I have won the lottery!
Thanks a lot!

Cool guys! Thank you so much

and looking very much forward to this baby of yours go live.

Are you guys also on face, twitter etc. so we can link you whenever we mention your service?

Been off-line so missed the announcement and have now discovered that I'm a winner!!

Thanks @dlive, now I'm back I'll join the slack group to find out more ..

Courtesy of @joshoeah

Nice, I did miss this mention. Need to put up my script running fast, so don't lose more like these. Thanks @dlive

What is the latest on Dlive?! I'd love to setup a stream for my upcoming season of ESEA-Main and some PUBG!

Hey, is the alpha still open for registration?

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