Of Course, I Still Love You. Huge congrats on the successful “Space Car” launch!

in dlive •  9 months ago

Huge congrats on the successful “Space Car” launch!

Today, SpaceX successfully launched the Falcon Heavy - and Elon Musk’s Roadster.

The video below shows how insanely difficult it is to achieve something impossible. Our team is so inspired by this video. We would love to share this video with the community and hopefully, it can inspire some of you to create something as incredible in future.

We hope one day DLive can become something incredible in the video industry as well. We are working really hard on the product development and will present you all with a better DLive soon.

Click to watch the video:

“Thanks for proving everyone wrong Elon Musk.”

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wow congratulation!

One of the most epic and badass moments in the history of mankind!

Great concept Dlive! Made a post earlier about Elon and the launch as well as some background information if you are unfamiliar, check it out if you'd like!

I watched it live, it was more than amazing!
everything went smooth

Amin ...
Hope dlive be succes better foward...
Good post and can be inspiration to the other

Well done on the progress so far for DLive. I do believe that you will reach orbit and become a leading standard within the steem ecosystem and beyond.

I have watched that Musk video so many times on YT.
There is so much passion in the man and the mission. The story of 'against all odds' is also inspiring.

To believe in oneself is a powerful thing.
It leads to development beyond that which any education system can bring.

To have others believe in you in the same way... (The Feels!)
You're on the right path. Full respect for your hard work.

Id choose dlive over dtube cos it has no fees when uploading a video. Ill be uploading videos of my promotion and events soon.

Hi bro your post about "Of Course, I Still Love You. Huge congrats on the successful “Space Car” launch" is very good

I can't believe it is really happening.

Elon Musk is a phenomenon...whaaatttt!!!

This is very nice kudos!

Very good post and very interesting ..

Elon's feat was monumental. This is an achievement that will inspire all of us to not stop dreaming and to achieve them with imagination, conviction & entrepreneurship. An uplifting story during these somewhat bleak times.

Likewise I wish to see DLive attain greater heights with each revision of this wonderful app!

DLive is the first decentralized video live
streaming platform on Steem! It can be seen as
the Twitch on the Steem blockchain including,
but not limited to, gaming contents.
.....I'm loving this part
No cut
DLive will take 0 transaction or commission fees
from broadcasters and users. I'm loving it here keep it up @dlive very high above the skies can't be the limit. Impossible says I'm possible.

It is a great achievement really. Technology is really advancing

This is dangerious video...... really i afraid....

I watched that GIF five times before realizing that wasn't the live feed :P


Millions of people did that...

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It was a pretty amazing show. Those synchronized landings were unreal.

it was big for spacex after 5 years delay, and they did it in a spectacular manner with a roadstar and a dummy astronaut on the driver wheel, the test was successful and this usher a new era for space exploration, dlive is growing and soon it will be the standard

Wow like Seriously a space car, that good


This was so far one of the coolest things I've watched this year.

The car of the future is not a DeLorean but a Tesla ! 👍 👍

Do you think people will land on Mars in our lifetime?


Don't see why not, I wouldn't want to go myself though.


hey might be an idea to have like a footer linked to some good settings and instructions for encoding etc. happy to make a course for @teamvideo -- can you give me the slack details again?

Very nice video, excellent post, thanks for sharing

I'm sure you guys will impress us all!

We’re living in the future and I love it!

Flying cars are now a thing... only in space though :D

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