DLiveStar | New DLiveStar campaign and Social Media campaign Winners!

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You can see the winners of Star Campaign 4 here


Period: 7th of March to March 18th at 6pm CET


-Must use the Tag: DLivestar to be eligible
-Must also have DLive logo in the thumbnail to be eligible


60% vote from DLive.
Resteem by DLiveStarBooster.
List the streamer’s name in our biweekly ranking post (maximum 3 streamers every 2 weeks)



Please do note that DLive Star’s are selected depending on the quality of their stream throughout the entire two week period. The selection process includes the staff of DLive voting on individual streams.


Our Spread DLive on Social Media Campaign Winners!

We wish to thank everyone who participated in our most recent campaign. We are happy to announce our chosen winners from our Spread DLive on Social Media campaign. These winners will receive an upvote on their next DLive stream or video based off the likes they received. We also had some honorable mentions that we would like to congratulate, they will all receive 3% on their comment on this page.



Honorable Mentions


fb.png twitter.png discord.png

Visit the DLive website!


woo! got me dat honorable mention!! thanks <333

Thank you for choosing us in "honorable mentions" we will stream our event for sure! Your upvote will fund this meet-up. Thank you again!
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sweet! glad to get mentioned! :)

I won? :)
I will continue to do what I can to bring as many people as I can and I will keep promoting @dlive , @dtube and steemit wherever I can like for example during last IEM 2018 (Intel Extreme Masters) Where I spoke about it with YouTubers with over 1m subs for example.
Everytime I am making a stream on DLive I make a post on my fb

Very cool. Congrats to all the winners. Can you do some sort of competition for blog post creativity?

witam.gratulacje Carrioner

@carrioner zaraz będziesz tutaj Naczelnym :D

Gratuluję @Carrioner

Congratulations Everybody, especially for @carrioner.

Very cool. Congrats to all the winners :)

Congratulations to all the winners!

excited to try!

I won....

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Congrats to everyone! Yall deserve it!

thanks a lot Dlive :), i'm very happy to be part of you :)

Thank you @dlive. My friends loved you very much😊♥️ I love you so much too. I am excitedly waiting for your new campaigns🤩 the best developing platform👏🏼👏🏼

So Much Exited I am .. Really feeling good .. I am not a winner but i am happy because very soon I also Start my streame in dlive .. its feel awesome

Thanks for this post.
I appreciate your contest.i like dlive..resteemit.

Hi there! I will resteem your articles to my 7300+ followers.

How to use ?

Transfer 0.15 SBD to @best10 and put the link of your post in the public memo

That's all there is to it. Easy, isn't it?

I want to winner to hehehehe

I have contributed in dlive campaign in Instagram. But it only gets 27 votes Can I get some rewards or rewards from @dlive?


Congratulations to the winners, i hope i can be amongst you guys soon. I'm preparing my self to stream on a daily basis. Since i have figured out how to stream on DLive by using my PS4 without remote control or a capture card, i have now all the tools to stream on the platform. Thank you DLive for making this possible for us.

your post is very good my friend

great successes for the Winners campaign!

You've come a long way baby! That's how I feel abut DLive since I streamed 2 months ago! What a difference DLive is right now and they continue everyday to rise above all else! I am a loyal DLive fan, I love Dlive and all the fellow DLive streamers! Thank you so much DLive! I am so happy to be apart of such a wonderful community! :-)

comment dlive.gif

its really amazing what are you guys doing, keep the good work. and we will keep diliving with so much excitement and pastion !

I gotta remember to put the dlive logo in the thumbnail, just loosing views for not doing that.

congratulations to the winners!

@carrioner that crazy guy ;)

big kisses @o0pepper0o

Great job @D-live team, please I participated in the social media campaign and fulfilled all the requirements. I would be glad if my effort is appreciated.

The link to my post


The screenshots



Please look into it. Thanks

wow. like ^^ share...


I love the DLive star contest. It's a really cool initiative, and helps out the creators. Do you pick people more than one time for the reward?

gratz to the winners. I was to busy for the social media competition and either way the only social media I am currently using is steemit and discord so that wasnt really something for me. However I think I gonna participate in the dlivestar campaign. Wish me luck!

Congrats to the winners! I was just introduced to DLive a few days ago, and quickly learned that my laptop is NOT up to par for producing high quality streams. However, because of DLive, I have decided to nab a Razer Blade ASAP and start streaming some hardcore Mythic Keystone dungeons in WoW, as wll as Mythic Antorus!

Always looking to connect with fellow gamers, so feel free to drop me a line and chat!

I look forward to the day that my streams are good enough to make the shortlist for @DLive 's weekly picks <3

-Slothyy the Rogue

Wow, thank you, I didn't know I've won, thank you very much.

Alright... I'm in!

What a motivator, congratulations to the winners.

Hi, I have a qna
I won the last time campaign
link: https://steemit.com/dlive/@dlive/campaign-or-spread-dlive-on-social-media
Where do I get reward for SNS PR? (instagram, facebook, steemit)

I want be a next winner in dlivestar..! Haa haa

Hello, I just saw this post and thank you that I've won, here is a recent video I upload for the upvote. Thank you very much.


Dlive = best place to stream and upload videos!

I will give my best

I also took part in the campaign on social media.
Got a lot of peeps to join dlive

This was my entry: https://steemit.com/dlive/@drstarry/i-love-dlive-the-first-decentralized-video-live-streaming-platform-on-steem

Thanks for the opportunity! @dlive